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Yes, I Want To Dance!

Dancing for Boys and Girls

In the modern days of electronic games and videos, we always have a concern about the kids getting enough exercise. So we encourage them to get out and play ball and run and ride bikes. But dancing is another alternative which we should consider for many reasons. I was so happy when my grandson told his Mom “I want to dance.”


Dancing can be seen as any kid’s activity or  team sport, just like baseball and basketball. When you are flowing in movement with a group of other dancers, you must all learn to co-operate together for that rhythmic flow with the music. We know that teams on the baseball field all need to perform their individual tasks smoothly and without thinking to make the whole team work as a well-oiled machine. And dance is not really any different.

See my grandson Jacob at a demonstration dance (hip hop) on Facebook here.

Far-Reaching Benefits

Kids learn just what their bodies can be capable of doing and an appreciation for their body which can foster good health habits lasting all their lives. Sometimes a child has ideas of what he or she thinks he can and cannot do. But with the patience of a good instructor, he gains knowledge of just how far one can advance. The dance skills learned give him  self-confidence and an appreciation of what persistence can achieve.

In dancing, kids learn co-ordination and balance, much like the child on the football field. And don’t feel that dance is only for girls. Boys can have just as much fun and learn all the skills from dancing as they can from another sport. Compare the strength of your favorite football player with a male ballet dancer. Their strength is similar and the muscular development is awesome in both. I was very impressed with the muscles of the lead dancers in The Nutcracker which we recently attended. Oh my!

There are so many children who have no means of expressing themselves and how they feel inside. In the medium of dance, they can find a way to express emotions like anger, jealousy, even rage.

It is possible in our world of conflict that your child may need some way to express themselves in a way that does not involve destruction and chaos. The stresses they have in school may not be something they are willing to talk about, but may find that dancing can “vent” some of that anxiety.

And the social skill of a person with the ability to dance cannot be over exaggerated. Isn’t it just wonderful when you see someone who is comfortable just swinging out onto the dance floor and “gettin’ down?” Dance skills can give you benefits in your social life as well as in your career!

Be Age Appropriate

You can find a local dance center near you where you can observe classes and speak with the instructors to be sure that you are choosing a program that is appropriate for your child’s age and ability. There are programs in some centers that encourage children with special needs. Be sure to check the center’s affiliations and the information available on the instructors.

Have fun! Dancing is great exercise and it is something you can do all your lives! Do you dance?

[su_box title=”Jacob’s Dance Teacher Featured:” style=”soft” box_color=”#85f56d” title_color=”#054f19″ radius=”20″] His Dance Teacher Kelly Dailey was recently featured in an article on The Huffington Post [/su_box]





  1. Every kid love to dance and show there talents and skills! Exposing there self will also allow them to boost their confidence that will be a big asset in the future.

  2. What child doesn’t love to dance. This is a skill they can use over their lifetime to stay healthy.

  3. Thanks Kim for sharing such a nice blog. I too think that dancing is a great exercise and it has other benefits too. The way you are describing the benefits of dancing is really impressive. Keep sharing such information.

    1. Brian, Thank you so much for your complements. And I do feel that all I have said is true for my grandson. And the best part is that he loves it so much. He took karate but this is so much more physically active for him. He has finished a first year and will begin his second in fall. I have a film of him on Facebook, couldn’t put it on YouTube since I don’t own copyright to the music.

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