Aren’t We All Suffering From The Winter Blues?

 I have the Winter Blues.

It is really about 66 days til the first day of spring, but it seems as if we will never see warm weather again. I know my hellebores are out there somewhere. I hope so, since this is the third or fourth year since I planted them. They were planted early in May 2013, so they had time to really establish. I have watered them every year. So I hope to see them… and crocuses and daffodils  soon.

Paperwhites  and amaryllis have all finished blooming, so all I have to look forward to are the ice and wind storms that February and March will bring.  No, we gotta have spring: How many days?

WinterBlues-the hypertufa gardener

I am trying to keep busy and get the inside things done like painting and re-arranging etc. When I finally get to go out, I don’t want to have to be inside if I can help it!

I had a lot of painting to get done, refinishing some doors and the woodwork around them. I decided to take down the closet doors too. ( Why do I decide on these things which make so much work?)

I have totally redone my garden in the last few years, and I plan to make some more revisions this year.  Don’t all of we gardeners constantly change things up?  ( See more posts about Backyard Flower Garden.) 

I want it to be easier to take care of. I have spread some mulch in the beds, keeping it away from the foundation of the house.

Termite man was upset with some beds I had against the side yard where my main garden is. But I was trying to create a slope away from the house? What….? Oh well, I have now made it almost a total gravel bed, but when it rains, I see standing water near the foundation. I have tried to correct that situation by putting a rain barrel at that corner. It seems to be working!

Does planting seeds help with the Winter Blues?

I did not plan to winter sow again this year. Have you heard of that? I have way too many plants so I had to cut back. I have a few pots of balloon flower seeds planted, and expect to have a lot for the spring.

What are you planting this year? Do you plant seeds inside?

I usually try to have a lot of perennials to donate to my fundraiser sales in the spring. I can dig up some and divide, but I also like to plant seeds for that too. There are always requests each year for certain plants. I will have to ask the girls if anyone remembers what was asked for last year. It is hard suffering from CRS as I age. ( Can’t Remember Sugar, I cleaned that up for you! ).

I can get some of my hours in by providing plants for the sale through the Master Gardeners. These fundraisers are a lot of fun and you get to talk to many gardeners like yourself.  I like to contribute as much as I can.

I guess the winter blues will affect me until I can get out there and putter in my plants. What do you do to get through the winter?



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