french doors encased in snow

Aren’t We All Suffering From The Winter Blues?

 I have the Winter Blues.

It is really about 70 days til the first day of spring, but it seems as if we will never see warm weather again. I know my hellebores are out there sleeping somewhere. I hope so, since this is the second spring since I planted them.

They were planted early in April 2022, so they’ve had time to really establish. I had watered and fed them all last year. So I hope to see them coming up in a few weeks… and daffodils soon after.

hypertufa pots with a layer of snow

Paperwhites  and amaryllis have started blooming, so all I have to look forward to are the ice and wind storms that February and March will bring. 

potted amaryllis bulbs

I am trying to keep busy and get the inside things done like painting and re-arranging etc. When I finally get to go out, I don’t want to have to be inside if I can help it!

I had a lot of painting to get done, refinishing some doors and the woodwork around them. I decided to take down the closet doors too. ( Why do I decide on these things which make so much work?)

hellebores coming up thru snow

I have totally cleared my garden last year, and I plan to make some more revisions this year.  Don’t all of we gardeners constantly change things up?  ( See more posts about Backyard Flower Garden.) 

I want it to be easier to take care of. I have spread some mulch in the beds, keeping it away from the foundation of the house.

I like gravel in a border

Termite man was upset with some beds I had against the side yard where my main garden is. But I was trying to create a slope away from the house? What….? Oh well, I have a gravel bed close to the house, and when it rains, I see water soak quickly down near the foundation.

Does planting seeds help with the Winter Blues?

I do plan to winter sow again this year. Have you heard of that? I has way too many plants so I had to cut back. But now I am in need of more plants in the foundation beds, so I can use a winter sow to get those easily.

I will post about it and probably make a film too!

Working on empty milk jugs for winter sowing

What are you planting this year? Do you plant seeds inside?

I usually try to have a lot of perennials to donate to my fundraiser sales in the spring. I can dig up some and divide, but I also like to plant seeds for that too. There are always requests each year for certain plants. I will have to ask the girls if anyone remembers what was asked for last year. It is hard suffering from CRS as I age. ( Can’t Remember Stuff, I cleaned that up for you! ).

looking thru window at snow on boxwoods

I guess the winter blues will affect me until I can get out there and putter in my plants. What do you do to get through the winter?




  1. Marsha Parker says:

    Oh my! I too have winter blues too. I have read and re-read several times my seed catalogs and have decided that they are ALL too expensive. So, I got in my car and went exploring in the near by nurseries, hardware stores and other stores to find that ALL their prices are very below what the catalogs suggest before shipping charges. I took my list of “Wants & Needs” with me and invested smartly. Now can hardly wait to start my seeds while waiting to putter in my gardens as you mentioned.

    1. Oh for sure, things are just getting so expensive. There are even some plants I want but shipping is outrageous and then who knows how it will look when it arrives. I try to find seeds in local gardens centers, just checking to see if they are yet put out for sale. Counting days til warm weather returns!

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