Draped Hypertufa Planter – Video: Part Two

I have so much fun making hypertufa planters.

And I am always searching for something different. These draped hypertufa planters really appealed to me and it seems they were liked by many of you too!

I hope you have had a chance to watch the first video Part One , and this is just a short follow-up in case you found yours to be fragile. And by fragile, we can all interpret that differently. I might consider it strong, but you may feel yours is in need of some strengthening.

How to Make Draped Hypertufa Planters - Part 2

Feel free to add another layer of cement and water, either by painting in on ( too difficult in my opinion) or by just placing it again on your tower form and pouring a thick coat of slurry over it again. Mix it thickly enough to stay put, but not too thin so that it runs off too easily.

Let dry thoroughly and it will gain strength as it dries.

I felt mine were the most strong after about 48hrs. But we are having early hot and humid weather here and that humidity affects the drying process.  Drying slowly is best for hypertufa, so I don’t put mine in sunlight, but you may prefer that method of drying.


I am planning to paint mine with wood stain for decks since I don’t care for the look of concrete stain. And I am really interested in mine looking like “tree bark.” I think that knobby texture it gets with the peat moss and vermiculite added creates that knobby effect. You may do yours with just cement and water? That will work too, I understand. But hey! I work in hypertufa!

Have you made any of these? Post a picture on the Facebook Page and leave me a comment and Like It!  Thanks.

Now on to more ideas!




  1. Do you ever put any Thompson’s water seal or some type of sealer on them ?

    1. No, Donna, I haven’t put on Thompsons. Haven’t used any water sealer at all though some people do, I guess.

  2. Just tried this with burlap. Thanks for the great how to and idea. Very cool. Gave you credit on the forum. Drop on by.

    1. Thanks, and how did your burlap turn out? I will drop on by the forum for some ideas!

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