draped hypertufa planters

Video: Final Result of My Draped Hypertufa Planters

Interested in these cloth planters?

I must admit, this is really an unusual looking hypertufa planter. And the shapes and sizes are endless. My first draped hypertufa planters  were almost laundry-basket sized , and have been out in the weather now since early April 2014. Snow and rains have come and gone and they’re is still fine.    I really like how they have turned out. These planters are just right for a small patio table or corner of the deck, and even for a specimen piece in a bed or border.

draped hypertufa planters


Full disclosure:  The video shows that some of mine failed from the get-go. They appeared to be fine as they dried, but when they were removed from the form upon which I dried them, they “flopped.” Literally and figuratively.

But I decided to show those too, in the interests of being fair. My experiments don’t always work. Evidence this Monumental Draping Failure on a previous blog.

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But I am happy to hear that you are all making some. It is a wonderful DIY container, and with the price of containers now in the garden centers, making your own is definitely the way to go. And yours will be unique. No one will have one exactly like yours.

Before I forget, I am thinking of using coloring for some of my regular hypertufa cloth planters also. I have used cement color, but it takes a whole lot of it to get a decent amount of color. Such as the whole bottle!  I have used latex paint with only minor success. It just doesn’t seem to transfer color. So meanwhile my experiments continue and I will let you know my results.

draped hypertufa or cement pots


Have you had any success with a coloring technique? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to visit the Facebook page. We can chat about our ideas there, too.

I think the rain has stopped so back to the garden. Those weeds are gaining on me. Happy gardening!



  1. Kay Spann says:

    I have tried and mine flop. I went to find peat but all they had was peat moss. They did not know about any other peat at Lowe’s. Is there any other kind of peat? I am not sure I got the recipe right.

    1. Kim Smith says:

      I mean peat moss. Sorry about the confusion.

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