image upclose of Veronica repens Sunshine

Adding Veronica Repens Sunshine To My Hypertufa Pots!

While on a recent plant shopping trip to Lowe’s, of course I had to stop in the garden center and cruise around looking for anything interesting.  Well I found a bright and matted ground cover called Veronica repens “Sunshine” and I fell in love with it. It looked like a tiny version of Creeping Jenny or Lysimachia nummularia ‘Aurea’ . I already have the Creeping Jenny in places in my garden but I find it gets eaten by snails and looks tacky after springtime. It is a little invasive since it runs everywhere.

But this little Veronica repens Sunshine was a similar color but very tiny rounded leaves growing in a flat mat. It reminded me of Baby’s Tears…and you know how much I like Baby’s Tears.  But this tiny Veronica was a perennial and would grow outside all year here in Ohio! Be still my heart! Loving it more every minute!

image of hypertufa pot with veronica repens

I am always looking for more and more plants that would be great for growing in hypertufa troughs and this one seemed to be a match for my tastes. Let me tell you about the statistics for this perennial plant.

  • Full sun to mostly sunny
  • Height: 1 inch or 1-2 cm
  • Spreading 15-20 inches
  • Perennial groundcover
  • USDA Zones: 4-9
  • Small white flowers in spring
  • Deer & Rabbit resistant
  • Good drainage needed
  • Divides easily
A New Plant For Hypertufa - Veronica repens "Sunshine" Cascading and Mat Growing! Happy Me!

Here in late springtime, I am planting in a hypertufa pot and dividing it into three bunches. I only purchased one plant at Lowe’s and it was just $3.98. So I do want it to spread for me so that, if successful over my winter here in Ohio, I can share next year with other pots and troughs. That bright “Sunshine” color should contrast nicely with other plants too!

Since this plant requires a little more moisture than most of my other succulent plants that I plant in hypertufa, I am going to use one of my hypertufa pots that I have treated with a sealer. See that post here.  A bit more moisture should be retained in this pot to allow it to grow to its full potential.  I am going to have a table or grouped collection of those plants in hypertufa that I can mist and water frequently since I love misting plants. Such a soothing thing for the mind.

image of Veronica repens Sunshine in hypertufa planting

Tiny white flowers come sometime in late spring. I have not seen these flowers before but read that they are not conspicuous or almost unnoticeable. But I am growing for the colorful foliage so that doesn’t bother me.

Also Veronica repens “Sunshine” is listed as an herbaceous perennial   meaning that its top growth will die down over the winter but the roots survive and grow back in the spring. Since this is my first time planting it, I will see how that works out here in Ohio.

image of cascading veronica repens

I am so looking forward to see how this does in my Hypertufa Pots. Believe me, I will be putting a sprig in every pot if this goes well. I am always thrilled to find something new and different to plant in hypertufa, aren’t you?

Please watch the video and be sure to Pin to your hypertufa or plants board. Thanks for reading and watching!

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