Throwback to Last Spring

Throwback To Last Spring

I came across a short video I had made last spring during the first greening up and flowering at springtime. It was so GREEN that I was just overwhelmed. It is not really very long but it made me homesick for all my pots to overflow with green color. We haven’t been buried in snow for such a long time this year, just some quick storms. But I long for the spring green.

And flowers.

Here is the same area from the video but coated with snow. Maybe a little rearranging. I do that….a lot. I am a gardener. That’s our thing. Once I put it somewhere, I move it many times. Ask my son. He comes in my front door and says “What do you want moved today? Some boulder?” He is exaggerating….a little….well, maybe not too much. LOL


And here is that same area several weeks later. Oh, so much green!


I don’t have anything blooming at all this week but I am anxious for something to come up. I have read over on the Facebook pages and groups that there is a lot of blooming going on! Some of you already have tulips and daffodils and the dwarf iris. All those pictures are so pretty. Thanks for posting those. All of us gardeners love to see them.

Especially when some of us have been surrounded with acres of white snow and bare tree limbs.


I have some garden clean up to do but I will wait a little longer into the season before I go and take the remaining stalks and dead stems away from the crowns of some of these plants. If we should have a quick freeze, I need that leftover dead vegetation to protect the newly emerging sprouts. Some of my ferns are still so green lying in the snow. It is a pretty contrast.

But those weeds are certainly working at sticking their little heads up and smirking at me. And they are so green too! I am definitely planning to be out there and get them before they get too big. And they can grow big so very fast.

Well, enjoy some nice weather. Hopefully it will last a little while here. Need to straighten out that garden shed and get ready!



  1. Thanks for sharing at the Homestead Blog Hop! I hope spring reaches you soon! 🙂

    1. Thanks, and I hope I did what I was supposed to.

  2. great pics. how long have you been ‘hypertufing’?

    1. Hi Mike, I have been tufa-ing for about 10 years. Thanks for visiting.

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