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Super Bowl Snacks? I Have A Few Ideas For You

Need some quick easy Super Bowl Snacks?

Need some easy finger food for your party? Bowls of fruit? Seriously?

Need some snacks that will clean up from the floor easily? Good luck with that!

I have some recipes for Super Bowl snacks that will be great for your Super Bowl party or any time your get together with friends. These snacks should fit any appetite no matter which team you are rooting for!  And some make great comfort food when you lose!  I have lots more Easy Recipes here.

Just teasing! I am not a big football fan myself, but my daughter’s house is always the scene of a Super Bowl party! I guess people get excited about this game or something?

Super Bowl snacks - Ready for some football

I have these five recipes chosen for a good reason. Four of them are healthy enough so that you can feel that you’ve not entirely gone “off the wagon” on your diet resolutions for the New Year. The spinach dip is good fresh vegetables! And the crab dip is good protein! 

So once you have eaten those and feel really righteous……………..then move on to the Doggie Paws or we have previously called them Panther Paws…maybe another year.

 Be still my heart! Those are so good!

Click below to be taken to the recipe

Easy Recipe Apple Chips are really healthy and are simple to make. Just make a lot for game day!  They will make a Super Bowl Snack to munch on all day.

Spinach Dip with baguette slices is so yummy, and using its fresh spinach makes it more filling if you are trying to eat less.

Easy Grilled Chicken can be made in small strips or nuggets for easy dipping. No breading so you can have it for Low-Carb diets.

The Raw Veggie Pizza can be thrown together quickly and pulled out of the fridge as needed. No resolution broken!

This 5 minute crab dip gives you all the protein easily and it is pretty diet friendly, I think.

Now let’s get Wicked!  Little Doggie Paws is a treat you must serve as one of your Sweet Super Bowl Snacks

Super Bowl snacks - Little Paws

And here is where….you are on your own. These “Little Paws” served as one of your Super Bowls Snacks are hard to resist. So yummy!  Oh, come on,  just do another few miles on the treadmill! 

Enjoy your Super Bowl party and have fun. Try not to be so disappointed when your team loses.

Oops! Did I say that!  Really I am impartial……..<snicker>

Who are you rooting for?






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