Sugar Cookie That Keeps Its Shape

Can’t We Have A Sugar Cookie That Keeps Its Shape?

We like to make cookies. It is a Christmas tradition to gather and make a whole lot of them. Everyone joins in and it can all be accomplished in an afternoon or evening.  However, we also want a sugar cookie that keeps its shape.  I know we have all have these great cookie cutters and we have imagined how cute the cookies will be and all those Santa heads and the leaping reindeer and the Christmas tree will be so pretty on the plates . Imagine the pride you will feel when you will be gifting them in darling little boxes,  colorful and bright . Proudly taking your cookies to parties and watching the envious eyes of the others as you are placing your Works of Art in the front and center of the buffet at the garden club luncheon table.

Christmas Sugar Cookies - Keeps Its Shape, No Smudged Frosting!

Wake up, you are dreaming! See more Easy Recipes here.

The Reality? You make cookies and go through all the time and trouble and roll them and curse the dough sticking to the rolling pin. You curse yourself for ever saying you’d bring cookies to the party or luncheon or family gathering. And yep, here they are finished baking.  Didn’t that cookie go into the oven a reindeer………….it is now an unrecognizable oblong blob with a pointy end. Such is life!

Sugar cookie that keeps its shape - we all need it!(1)(1)

But I cannot take credit for the recipe. It resulted from all those long days of browsing on Pinterest and looking for recipes to make…..or file away knowing I will never make them. Don’t we all have that Wish Board either secret or public. Wishing for the time, wishing for the motivation, wishing for the ingredients…

But the recipe we’ve found is from Katrina’s Kitchen and here is a link to it.  Best Sugar Cookie Recipe EVER.

It's so easy with a stand-up mixer. My old Sunbeam Mixmaster

What an awesome recipe!  My daughter and I were so excited to make them. She has always made cookies with her son on Christmas and he enjoys it so much. He is thirteen years old now and is getting better and better at it. It is a fun family tradition to get together and bake. And the frosting………? You know watching your babies decorate cookies is one of the funniest and heart-warming things you can do with them at Christmas.

Pressing out the cookie shapes-Sugar cookie that keeps its shape

Kids are allowed to get messy, be messy….spills are forgiven. I know I walk around with little Christmas cookie confetti balls crunching under my feet for days until I can be sure to have it all cleaned up. But since he is thirteen now, he is so much better at it. But come to think of it, the dog anxiously awaits cookie-making time too. Guess she likes those spills and confetti balls too!

Cut out the cookies - they can sit close - Sugar Cookie That Keeps Its Shape

What about The Frosting?

Katrina’s Kitchen has you covered there too.  Here is a link to her Christmas Cookie Frosting.

Sugar Cookie That Keeps Its Shape - He works on his design

Yes, as she explains, some people faint when they read the ingredients but those cookies you see in bakeries and stacked in layers in boxes and trays? Yes, Crisco. Good old Crisco. You don’t really notice from the taste, it seems, but as far as getting a stackable cookie, hands down it is the best.

These sugar cookies are rich and dense standing up well to the frosting. Even if you are used to eating a lot of cookies, these are so good, you can eat just one or two because they are so fulfilling. That is the only way I can describe how 1 or 2 cookies is enough. If you try them, you will know what I mean.

I love pretty and colorfully decorated sugar cookies since my Mom always made them. She would bring them to us at Christmas in an old round tin container and I would just sit down each evening with some cold milk or hot cup of coffee and enjoy those cookies. Now I can do that with my children and grandson. Some traditions are meant for creating a time just to spend together. That’s the best kind.

Sugar Cookie That Keeps Its Shape - Taste testing is important(1)

Oh, I know I will be wearing these cookies on my hips and thighs. But I have January to start my diet with all my other resolutions. Like I do every year.

Who knows! My resolutions may last past the first week of January this year!











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