Succulent arrangements are unlimited. What you imagine, can be?

Succulent Arrangements – Such Inspirations!

Do you ever wonder how people get so many ideas for succulent arrangements? When I look at some of the creations I see, I wonder how they come up with these ideas. Some are so breathtaking and I really don’t think I have the ability (not to mention the area) to do them, but I can do it on a smaller scale for sure.

My daughter and I were recently on a trip to one of the local garden centers , Meadow View Growers, and saw such wonderful things. I really need to push myself to try and make mine more interesting and varied. ( Meadow View Growers is such a wonderful place. I had to write about it. I have NO affiliation with them at all and they are not paying me to promote them.)

Buying succulents for succulent arrangements

BTW, they sold their succulents in sections which they labeled Annuals and Perennials. But all of those annuals can be grown inside all year around in the colder areas. But since I am in Ohio, USDA Zone 6, it helps their customers to decide which they want to buy if they are only going to get one season out of them if they plant them outdoors. More posts about succulents on the blog.

More than just succulent arrangements. Use all kinds of smaller plants.

More Than Just Succulent Arrangements

As can be seen in the photo above, hypertufa troughs (or any planter for that matter) can include any kind of plant you desire. These smaller versions of plants are wonderful all grouped together. Check out that tiny heuchera in the back middle. Isn’t that just cute as a button? These mosses and tiny trees look so “world-in-miniature” to me.  I have planted the small evergreen trees and they stay fairly small for a few years.

We made a video of some of the things I saw while we were visiting and buying more plants that I don’t need but want…you know what I mean. I want to share this so you could get some ideas like I got when I was there. Disappointed that I missed some of the plant’s names. It’s best always to get the plant marker when you purchase one, but I misplace those and then it is so hard to remember or to research what the name actually is.

Large waist-high table succulent arrangement

Look at this awesome table! I can just see that on my deck. I would plant it with only hardy succulents and perennials since I prefer that I would not have to take it inside in the winter. Too heavy and too much room taken. But those of you who have greenhouses and such, go for it!  In fact, I get really jealous of those of you who get to take your succulent arrangements inside a greenhouse. Oh my, think of how many I would have!

Succulent Arrangements - So Many Ideas

Please pop over and watch the video on YouTube or here on the site. I love comments, shares and likes! I was so enraptured by the sights I saw at Meadow View Growers that I had to share it all with you via a video. Always got my camera with me! Well, here’s the video:

Succulent Arrangements - A Garden Tour at a Nursery!


  1. Those succulents are beautiful! I really love the ones that could be placed on a wall. Those are perfect for apartments!

    1. Thank you. I do think those are so beautiful. Color schemes are endless.

  2. Susan Renaud says:

    I really enjoyed the tour of the growers facility. I had a problem with all the motion that prevented me from viewing some of the specialties. For instance, the Oddities are something I have never seen before and as many times as I paused the video to try and get a better look, it just turned out blurred. Is there a possibility that you could post stills of these succulents? It would be invaluable for me to get a closer look. I don’t know if I can even find them here in Thunder Bay, Ontario, but I am going to go looking for some of them. I love your videos and have plans to create some small hypertufa containers this summer. Thank you for your informative and insightful work.

    1. Sorry, I think I was too excited and kept moving my camera. I want to get a gimbal soon to help with that…but until then… Anyway, here is a link to Sempervivum “Oddities” from this grower. I have no affiliation, just trying to help out. Thanks so much for your visits!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi I just found out about you and what you do. I’m so excited and am reading a lot. Thank you for your time and effort to teach us. I love succulents I really like most plants. Miss them because I now live in LV NV. thanks again CGwright

  4. I lose the name markers too! So every time I bring a new plant home, I pin a photo of it (usually from the net, but you can also upload your own) with the name to a Pinterest board of plants I own. That way – as long as I can tell them apart! – I can always find the name again. You can set up different boards for different areas of the garden.

  5. Thank you for showing this.
    It looks like it would be a fun place to work.

    1. Oh, I agree. I would love to be paid to play with plants all day.

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