upclose image of succulent from terrarium

I’m Planting My Succulent Aquarium Terrarium

My succulents have grown so large that I need to plant my Succulent Aquarium Terrarium…maybe two! You may have seen in a few fleeting scans of my plant room that I have some large round glass terrariums in which I have grown succulents over the past years. These various succulents have done surprisingly well for being in No Drainage!

I don’t have a bit of a problem planting a succulent in glass (and not only succulents) when I know that I can control the amount of water that goes into it. Just don’t water so much and you can do it too!

Image of succulents upclose, green and orange shades

Succulents do very well in glass and are somewhat easier to take care of because you can see them all around and down into the soil too. Not completely, but I sure can see if there is too much water in a terrarium a lot easier than with them in a regular potl

image of crowded glass terrarium full of succulents

I am sure you remember that I have converted an Aquarium into a terrarium on a previous post and , believe me, I have really had some good use out of that large Terrarium. None of the aqaurium/terrarium have been just succulents, but now that is about to change.

Two of them are empty at the moment, and I plan to plant one or both with these succulents. I want them to be full and lush but not so full that they will need transplanting too soon. At least give me a year or more in them!

image of set of two aquarium for terrarium use

Prepping the Succulents for Transplanting

As you can see in the video, I have prepped all these large pieces of sedum to be transplanted into the new Aquarium Terrarium. Each of the petals could be rooted and made into a new plant, but I just don’t have the room for them all.

And I have given away all that I can. Too bad it is not yet ready for some kind of a “Plant GiveAway” out front like a garage sale. I am sure I could find takers that way. But I can only hope that someday, our Social Distancing restrictions can allow those again.

closeup of succulent ghost plants

There ended up being enough plants to fill two aquarium/terrariums and more, but I don’t want for there to be so much in these that they will be overwhelmed.

But guess what? Those large round terrariums they come out of now are all empty and ready to be replanted. Won’t they be pretty!

I trimmed some of the stems down into shorter segments, then further trimmed those stems by pulling off the lower leaves. That exposes more of a stem surface to grow roots.

image of small birds nest snake plant

Prepping the Soil in My Aquarium Terrarium

I have added a large amount of soil to the aquarium so that the plants will have a new rich environment for optimal growth. I don’t typically fertilize so the nutrients in the new soil should last for a 3-4 month period.

empty aquarium ready to change to terrarium

Using Cacti and Succulent soil, I poured about 5 inches deep into the aquarium plus added about a quart of sand, coarse sand, purchased at Lowe’s in the masonry section. It is the type for a good mix in my soil, never play sand. It is too finely ground. This post gives a lot of info on mixing soil for succulents.

image pouring coarse sand into soil of terrarium aquarium
A lot of sand keep great drainage.

Results of Planting My Succulent Aquarium Terrarium

Watch the video and check out how well this turned out. I really think the plants look well and now have more room to grow and breathe! Of course, I will need to plant a second one. With me, it was almost a given. Gotta have more!

image of finished planted aquarium terrarium
All the succulents look wonderful in the aquarium terrarium.

Once I have the second one planted, I will add a photo here on the end of the post so that you can see how that one looks too! I think I love the new Aquarium Terrarium!

Succulents in Glass Aquarium Terrarium - I Planted With All New Plants From Older Glass Terrariums
Be sure to check out the video. Watch me plant Succulent Aquarium Terrarium

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