Tiny Iris in Hypertufa

Springtime: The Awakening of My Garden

The colors of springtime have arrived here in my garden.

This last month we got our first glimpse of redbud which is one of my favorite trees. My tree is the Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis) which is one of those things I look most forward to in springtime. The flowers or buds appear along the old branches before any leaves come out.

Flower buds appear and bloom before leaves ever develop

These buds last a few weeks and then the leaves appear. The tree stays fairly small and if you are one of the lucky ones, attains a really nice artistic vase shape. I loved mine( at my previous home).


My daughter had this magnificent old magnolia in her front yard. It is about 60 years old and blooms so beautifully. This magnificent old magnolia gives a wonderful show each year if frost or freeze doesn’t end it just as it has just started its display.

(Unfortunately, the new owners of her previous home cut it down along with a weeping cherry tree out front. Heartbreaking, but it is their decision now as the homeowners.)

My dwarf iris is about 5-6 inches tall and has a huge bloom on it this week. This is my fourth year  having this flower and they seem to be doing well. I have transplanted some of  them to a hypertufa pot  and I hope to have dozens more next year.


Also blooming at this time is the Grecian Windflower or Spring Anemone. This is an ephemeral spring flower and I only have it such a short time. But I love the cheerful little faces of these flowers.

As you can see, I still have a lot of leaves to rake out of the garden area, but I always hate to remove them just in case of late frost or freezes that might damage my plants.

Probably by the end of the week I will clean all those out. Unfortunately, I will then be battling the millions of maple whirlygigs which will be falling. I know I could have thousands of maple trees if I left them alone.

I have Siberian bugloss or Brunnera macrophylla which comes back and multiplies every year. It is a perennial which flowers very similar to forget-me-nots. The best thing about this plant is its beautiful foliage. You can see the deeply veined leaves which stay fresh and green all season. It is herbaceous and dies down each year here in Ohio and comes back fresh in spring.

Brunnera macrophylla or Siberian bugloss

This is getting too long, so I will stop naming every plant. I will save some for another post. But I am hoping the trees will finish leafing out soon and bring all our green back. I miss looking out over the country and seeing the green.

What are you doing in your garden this week? Got all your seeds planted? Please visit my Facebook page too.

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