Springtime in the garden - forget-me-nots

Springtime in the Garden – Lovely Pastels

Walking in the garden early on a spring morning is a pleasant experience. You can walk through and admire all the work you have done the previous week, and regret some of the things you didn’t get done. I have taken a good look at everything, and I am mostly pleased with my flower garden ideas.

image of blooming Brunnera

The small blue Grecian Windflower (Anemone blanda) is always such a pretty blue, but only lasts for a short time, and then disappears until next spring. I have forgotten so many times that it is there, and I know I have pulled up some, regretfully. Live and learn. 

This is the flower bulb I planted in my Giant Moss Hypertufa, but I have not seen it sprout at all this year. I will have to plant some more.

I think I may put a little marker flag at each of the areas where they are growing. I will need to see when the best time to move them might be. Perhaps after flowering?

Springtime in the garden - Grecian Windflower

 My Snowball Bush ( Viburnum sp) is also making its puffs for this year. They are in the small green stage now, but soon will be large round and fluffy balls. It reminds me of my Grandma’s garden. We played in her yard one day, and I worked hard at pasting little “reinforcement circles” all over their brand new Chevy. ( Back then, you bought little package of stickable rings for when your notebook paper hole got torn.)  Oh my, was I in trouble!

Flower Garden Ideas - Springtime in the Garden

I have dug up a few large Hostas in my front garden bed. We lost a Crimson King Maple tree a few years ago, and now that front bed is mostly full sun, instead of partial shade. I am gradually moving hosta  into the side shade garden, along with all the Japanese Painted Fern and astilbe.

I am leaving the Heuchera “Palace Purple” out front in the sun. The photo shows the heuchera just emerging from the weird roots that sprawl underground. It has done really well in the sun, but the house casts a shade after the noon hour.  ( It reseeds so much for me, I have a lot of it.) You can see a little bit of sweet woodruff growing among the leaves too.

image of heuchera and sweet woodruff together

Forget-Me-Nots and Brunnera

These two plants are so much alike in looks, but I prefer the Brunnera. It makes a pretty flower in the spring garden, but it also is a nice green mounded bush through the rest of the year. It also seeds well, to say the least.  Forget-Me-Nots are pretty, but I tend to have so many of them, I pull them constantly. Once you have them, you will have them forever and ever. Not too bad of a deal.

And the dandelions along the back yard tree line make a pretty plant. It had probably two dozen blooms all at once, and was a nice golden yellow. The bees and other buzzers all enjoyed it at times, but now that the yellows have faded, I am off to get the Weed Knife! Gone!

Have a wonderful week. What are you doing today? 

I am going to have Chicken and dumplings for dinner .  We have a lot of chicken in the freezer since there was a $.99 per pound sale on boneless chicken breast recently. The guys all love the dumplings and we gals will eat the chicken. And then, of course, I have to make Chicken Pot Pie!  My grandson favors that above all else.

Hey, check out that recipe. It is a keeper and so easy and delicious. And thanks for stopping by today.

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  1. Thanks for the advice, will give these a go!

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