Blue Flax Linum lewisii

Spring Has Sprung!

Here in Ohio, it’s a chilly morning outside.

Seriously, it’s 28°F . But it is so wonderful to know that it is finally spring. Well, spring actually occurred early Sunday morning on Eastern Daylight Savings time. But I am celebrating this whole week. I can’t wait until it is sunny and warm  most days instead of just an occasional one. But our long winter wait is over.


I have walked through my small garden and checked it over.,  and I do see sprouting and  growing!  My Creeping Jenny ( Lysimachia nummularia  “Aurea”)  is turning colors and creeping around. It is almost a burgundy color during the cold weather, but brightens to the bright yellow/green in spring.

It also has the small yellow flowers in spring, and grows all over in a soft cushion. It is aggressive, put pulls up easily.

Blue Flax Linum lewisii

Soon my Blue Flax will be up and blooming. I planted mine from seeds and they grow so easily. I love the little bell-shaped blooms which are so delicate looking fluttering in the breeze. Try those and you will fall in love.

Spring is so exciting.  Some little “noses” of tulips and spiderwort are peeking up. Irises are pretty high already with their green blades. They will be a pretty splash of color when they arrive. New daffodil bulbs I bought at the Master Gardeners Plant Sale  last fall are not showing yet?  I won’t worry,  they’re late season….hopefully. I will have to look up the name and find out. They were all labeled and I put that somewhere in the garden shed…….Hmmm…(it may forever remain a mystery.)


I am planning some structures to display the hypertufa troughs and bowls . I will try to design something, since we would build it from treated wood purchased here. I have to save money to buy more succulents, right?  I think I may try something like those ladder-type shelves which are wider/deeper shelves at the bottom and shelves get more shallow toward the top. I would make the shelves with hardware cloth over a strong frame. Drainage! The lower levels would be good for some succulents that need shelter from the brightest sunlight.

I see my artemesia coming up. I have it in a hypertufa trough because I heard it was invasive? I am researching this and seeing how it behaves. But it is a cute sprout!

Here is a photo of Elephant Ear in my side deck garden from a few years ago. It grows up to be so HUGE! I have three large bulbs to plant this year and I hope I get the same spread as this one!

Flax with Creeping Jenny-hypertufa-gardener

 I have a bed of Balloon flowers and a pot of the smaller variety  Balloon Flower, Platycodon “Sentimental Blue”. I love it and it is destined for a new spot in the garden. I am planning to move it from the center and plant it on the side border, I think. At least that is the plan for now. And I am hoping it seeded well. ( They are usually many sprouts under my Balloon Flowers.) And I will pot a lot of these up to donate to the spring plant sales with my garden clubs.

What is coming up in your garden? What else will you plant? I have a few seeds planted and I am waiting for those to pop up. Are you planting by seed?

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