Small flower bed design - I always have to change it up!

Small Flower Bed Design In Front – You Know I Have To Rearrange!

First of all, I am a Gemini so I can be very impulsive. My daughter and I have suddenly decided that we need to rearrange the front flower garden. You know that we just moved here in March and have spent a lot of time setting up the small flower bed design out front. Of course, now we want to change it. We will need help since the hypertufa planters are heavy so….

The guys are a bit less thrilled about the project. Hopefully we can persuade them to help. As you will see in the video, my son-in-law is thrilled to move these once again. But he always wants to be nice to his Mother in Law!

Small flower bed design - We have a small area but a lot of hypertufa pots. It made a difference how we designed the layout.

We have two large concrete urns out front which I brought from the old house (much to the delight of the guys.) I didn’t make those, but got a great deal on them when Lowe’s marked them down at the end of the season several years ago. Watch for those bargains now!  I have had many different plants in these urns including sempervivum and various sedum. But we decided to plant them up this year with a pretty foliage plant, Persian shield.  ( I rearranged those too.) But I plan to write about that later in another post.

The focus on the front door of my small flower garden design

Part of my redesign has been removing the Stella D’Oro lilies in the rock garden bed at the side of the house. They have multiplied so much and are taking over. Since that bed is the anchor spot for the boulders and sedum which I have started there, the lilies have to go. I have pulled, dug, and decapitated most of them, so I think I am getting the upper hand.

Yes, I know those could be dug and given to someone, but it is such a common lily here, no one wants these. I have placed a few along the back fence along with my discarded lilyturf. Who knows if it will survive a move this time of year. But most are in a compost pile. In my experience, they will just grow out the edges of it anyway.

Small Flower Bed Design - Rearranging a small garden of hypertufa pots

Here in the new garden bed at this house, it seems the light is just about right for my hypertufa bowls and troughs. All of them are planted up with succulents and sedum with an additional dwarf iris or two ( and those have multiplied a lot these last few years.)  I am planning to add more and more as I make them until it is full enough that I cannot get around the pots to groom and weed them.

Overflowing hypertufa in my small garden design

But right now, it seems as if the larger bowl needs to be moved away from the front of the bed and placed along the sidewalk. I am always afraid that the mower will get too close and hit it. Besides that, it does seems that the one side of the beds needs more hypertufa. We just don’t have the correct balance yet. Maybe I will bring some more from the back garden. It is pretty full out there too!

Moving the hypertufa bowl is part of the small flower garden design

It seems to me that the extra large round hypertufa bowl fits perfectly on this side of the sidewalk going up to the front door. This one has always been a favorite and since my daughter and I made it together, we want it right out front for proper display of what we can do together. I hope I can get my grandson to enjoy this as much as we do. He will help some in my films so far. He like to pick out the music for the videos.

Large hypertufa bowl - Perfect fit for my small flower garden design

Also I purchased a gift for myself, a gimbal, for my filming. I really think it makes a big difference in the smoothness of the videos. Remember I am learning so I don’t have it down yet. I am getting the gimbal itself in some of my shots. Every day is a learning experience.

Here is an affiliate link to the gimbal I purchased. If you do a lot of videos ( and this one is for a cell phone), try this one. It is relatively inexpensive and makes such a difference for your film. I bought the [easyazon_link identifier=”B07F88TD8B” locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”thehypegard0d-20″ cloak=”n”]DJI Osmo Mobile 2 [/easyazon_link]. Check it out!


  1. Hi Kimannie, your blog is very nice and it looks really good! You have shared great gardening tips, and the flower bed design is amazing. Thanks, keep posting!

    1. Thanks, just love to garden so I thought I would just write about it.

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