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Easy Slime Recipe – Make It For A Party

Slime was a hit for the third graders at this party!

The Slime was perfect!  Oh so gooey, and you could pull it and flop it around. We made colors to suit both boys and girls and they loved it! ( See more Family Life posts here.)

It is a bright and colorful addition to any party, as you can see from the photos.  It would make a great “spooky” thing for touching at a Halloween Party. Do they still blindfold kids and tell them “These are eyeballs.” All the while you are putting their hands into bowls of peeled grapes.

This is an easy slime recipe to make for any party, or sleepover, or just a play date. Try it for a birthday party or your Halloween Party. Even a simple play date can be quickly made more fun with this slime recipe. The gooey-ness is perfect for giggles and squeals. Both boys and girls were instantly mesmerized by the colors and the feel of it through their fingers.

Slime - Make it for a Party - Includes Video

My daughter and I made it as something to play with at the party, which is what we did at my grandson Jacob’s birthday party. But we also used the Slime for the kids to take home in their gift bags . Each child chose the colors he or she liked and stuffed it into a sandwich bag, or you can even offer a small snap-top disposable plastic container. The Dollar Tree has a 10-pack for $1.

Easy Slime Recipe - The Hypertufa Gardener

This slime is awesome.

Jacob had his birthday party that year in May before school ended so all his classmates could come. And he still had the covered plastic bins full of Slime leftover to play with in the fall. This stuff lasts for a long time!  You don’t want to leave it on the carpet since it could dry up and leave a mess. And since it uses food coloring, there is a possibility of staining, so use it in an appropriate place and with supervision.

Here is the basic easy Slime recipe: 

       Liquid Laundry Starch

Elmer’s Glue-All

      Use equal proportions.  Example 2 cups starch to 2 cups glue

      And add food coloring to desired color.

      Mix until it is slimy in texture. You can use your fingers or spatula.

         If it is too tacky, add a bit more of starch. If it is too watery, add a bit more of glue.


 That’s it!  No, I am not kidding. So simple and easy to make.

We separated it and added colors so that we have a real rainbow mixture for each child to choose the colors they liked. Purple was the favorite for this Minecraft Party, but you have the option of any color you want to fit your theme. 

Have you ever made this stuff? I’ll admit, my daughter and I had fun with it. Check out what it looks like and feels like in the short video.  These were previously two videos but I have re-edited into one single video to avoid the confusion.  Here is the video of the actual step by step instructions if you would like to watch.

You probably need to get the Elmer’s Glue All in gallon bottles since those smaller bottles in the school supply section won’t be enough to make an adequate supply. The gallon of Elmer’s Glue-All can sometimes be found at an office supply store.  We made a huge amount and used almost a gallon of glue. But it was so worth it. Those kids loved the stuff. And it made the nicest addition to their take-home gift bags. The little girls took so much time picking out just the perfect combo of colors.  The little boys didn’t care about color. If it felt like “guts,” they were all in !

slime-recipe-FROM- the-hypertufa-gardener

And I’ll bet they will always remember Jacob’s party. It was FABULOUS!

The kids made up a bag of slime to take home, either mixing up a rainbow of colors or choosing one color they liked.

Both girls and boys enjoyed this and liked this “toy” to take home. It was not too expensive to make if you buy your glue by the gallon for about $20.

You just have to try it! It is fun.

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