image of leaves of red aglaonema

Easiest Houseplant To Grow? Chinese Evergreen – Red Aglaonema

Thinking back over the past years, I have brought a lot more plants into my house than I have had in a long time. But for those of you who are just starting to get into houseplants, I thought it might be helpful to make a decision about which of these plants is the Easiest to care for plus the most rewarding.

And this is the one I chose: Red Aglaonema

image of red aglaonema

These varieties of a Chinese Evergreen plant are so colorful and can add a great accent in your home if you need a  POP of color. They are really nice at Christmas in place of a poinsettia and last years and years.

Speaking for myself, I can get a beautiful poinsettia but it will have lost all of its leaves by Christmas and, even though I should know how to keep it alive for next year, that never happens.

image of large Red Aglaonema on a coffee table in living room
Red Aglaonema is Great Christmas Decor

But this Red Aglaonema will be getting larger and larger as the year passes. Win win! These plants are available almost all the time around here at the Big Box stores when the houseplant department is open.

In the nurseries, all sizes are available so prepare to grow some for next year. Not too expensive to purchase and based on the cost between this and a poinsettia, the Red Aglaonema wins hands down!

image of closeup on leaf of Red Aglaonema
On table in West window, about 8 feet from window. Great color!

If you have ever grown Coleus, these colors are very similar to some of the varieties. I had this coleus of a similar color combination on my back deck during the summer of the previous year and its colors look similar. Love colorful foliage!

image of coleus plant on deck in summer

Caring for Red Aglaonema

  • Bright, medium, or low light (best color in more light)
  • Let dry out between watering, can go for several weeks without watering
  • No pruning required, just remove aged leaves
  • Propagates itself, many stems will come up in planter, just divide and repot
  • It can bloom, blossom resembles those of a calla lily

This plant can be grown outdoors in frost free areas and would be kept in the shade to keep its color. It could pair well with coleus in a complementary color or add color to a bed of white impatiens.

image of chinese evergreen or red agleonema

So next time you pass this plant in the nursery or plant department, pick one up and take it home with you. I know you can grow it easily. Don’t water too much.

I needed to include this photo of the same plant above and in the same pot. What a difference a year can make. And it sure isn’t a dead Poinsettia!

image of view of living room with large Red Aglaonema

The Red Aglaonema can be placed just about anywhere. Such as a lighted bathroom, on your desk at work, maybe on the dining room table? Do you like it for a bedside table?

Where ever you need a spot of color, this one will do the job. And it is so Easy!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had SEVERAL of these plants and they did every single time.

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