Ready set spring

Ready, Set…. Spring!

Good news!  It’s spring now…officially. But the weather around here didn’t get the memo. It is supposed to be around 32ºF here today.  But it is snowy  and  too windy. We are expecting maybe 5″ of snow…and ice.  Yes, that’s  spring in Ohio. I need to be outside cleaning up and weeding. Yes, those weeds are always out there lurking. I need to be going through all of my containers and shapes to see what molds I want to keep as we get ready to move. What do I keep for future hypertufa planters?

All kinds of sizes

I have found so many different ones at garage sales and tag sales. I look for an interesting shape or detail in the sides or base. Those will transfer over to the shape of your planter as I have shown in several posts. Just keep an eye out for something different and you can make something unique.

But I have cleaned and collected all these molds to use. I am planning more long narrow troughs which should be perfect for windowsills, or for a deck or porch railing. I have made a long bread basket before, and was able to keep the woven texture. Just  line your basket with soft plastic and the imprint of the weave will remain. It looks awesome.

All the butter dishes and yogurt cups make great tufa planters for small patio tables or shelves on the deck. I have a few of these hanging in wrought iron holders and they look pretty good. These dry out quickly. So be sure to keep them on your “water more frequently” list.

long pan and basket

These are mash potato containers. Don’t know where those came from since I make all my mashed potatoes from scratch. <wink> They make such a nice shallow container for tiny bonsai or just a small herb garden dish.

And ice cream boxes.  I have made planters using this type box before, and they seem to be a perfect size for a small gift planter.  Love that oval but deep shape!

Well, if I don’t get to do it today, I will definitely be ready when it warms again. I may just open back door of garage and raise the front slightly, and light up that kerosene heater! Oh no!….Do I have kerosene? Gotta go get some.

ice cream boxes

When are you making some more? If you do decide to make some early, my advice is to not cure them outside in the cold. Portland cement needs to cure in a moderate temperature environment. Usually the minimum temperature is not below 40° so I carry mine to the basement for the first few days, then remove from the mold and re-bag and put back in the basement for the next couple weeks for curing. I don’t cure them outside until temperatures don’t go below 40° at night.

So are you planning to try making hypertufa this year? I hope you do because it is fun and creative. Try it!

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