Rainy Days and Mondays

Rainy Days and Mondays……except It’s Rainy Tuesday

I was NOT in the mood for a rainy day!

I had so many plans for today, but nooooooooooo!  Stuck inside and can’t get out and putter in the garden.  And I had a lot I wanted to get planted.  The newest hypertufa planter I have made is all ready!  I have filled it with soil mixture, 50% coarse sand and turkey grit to be sure that I have excellent  drainage.  Last night, I even watered it down to be sure all the soil settles, so that I can have it planted as deeply as I wanted it without that gap I don’t like at the top rim. I want the thyme to cascade down the side.

photo of thehypertufagardenerGiantTrough

But, it was not to be……..

I planned where I would plant things, rearranging the little pots many times, I hunted down rocks to decorate. I had it all ready and thought “Tomorrow my long awaited super colosal really-big  T. Rex Trough will be ready to go!

But, it  was not to be…..

Woke up  this morning and heard the rain drumming on the roof. Look outside, but since it’s still dark, I can’t tell if the clouds are darkening or clearing and moving away.  But then the sun comes up and “Oh Sh….sugar…..”

Rich Wirdzek WeathermanTurned on that weatherman. It’s just a passing shower, right?   Sunny and pleasant all day, right?…………

“Folks, it looks like we have 100% chance today of rain. It will be coming down all day.”

I know. I should be grateful for the rain. The plants and the farms here in Ohio need it, and some areas in the country, especially out West, are still suffering the effects of drought, but I wanted to plant my T. Rex Trough!

Now, I have to look at this in a good way. I have always heard that God made rainy days so that we could get the housework done. And I do have that closet that needs cleaned, and a few loads of laundry to do, and I have been promising to finish painting the ugly spot where we put in the new thermostat . But I do need to find that can of matching paint first. It can wait.

Oh, it can all wait. I’m going back to bed!



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