Propagating pilea peperomioides - How it has turned out so far

How is it going? Propagating Pilea Peperomioides – She Is So Fertile!

One of my commenters on my videos on Kim’s Gardens ( my YouTube channel) asked how my Pilea peperomioides was doing. I am so glad to tell you, Melanie, that she is getting along so well, that she has another “litter” growing in her pot now. I am so excited.

I am thrilled that you’ve asked how my little Pilea peperomioides is doing. She is a fertile little thing and she is living up to her name as a Friendship plant. I have five growing plants of which the original Momma Plant is the largest. But her little offspring are doing well too. You may have seen a few of them in recent videos, but I will make a new video showing them all together so it will be obvious how well she has done. It seems I am doing well at propagating Pilea peperomioides!

I have 9 Pilea so far. Propagating them is easy

 Ta-Da!  Momma Plant is having more babies! She has more sprouts coming up in the soil around her. These all are seeming to be in an area where it looks like they have sprouted from her main stem, although some may be from roots too. They said it would be like this but I hardly dared to hope that it would be true! It really is easy to propagate from leaf cuttings.

When I compare each of the babies, it seems to me that the babies grow at a rate to match the container in which they are planted. Maybe that isn’t truly the case, but when I compare the sizes of each of these, it seems to me that the larger containers are growing bigger plants than the small containers.

Pilea Peperomioides Update - My 5 plants are now 9!

Now in a couple of instances, I really planted them in TOO small of a container, but I just thought the little pots were so cute, I couldn’t resist. Isn’t this so darling? Now you see what I mean! Cute as a button.

But the rose pink pot is a lot bigger and the sprout planted inside that one is way bigger, I think. I have had these planters outside in the screened porch since it got warm enough for them, and I plan on putting one outside in the sun to see if they even grow better in sunlight (or at least a brighter light than they get now.)  I have watered them with the (#affiliate link)  [easyazon_link identifier=”B01EBEZLWM” locale=”US” tag=”thehypegard0d-20″]Schultz Fertilizer[/easyazon_link] where it is included in every watering in a very diluted form. They seem to like it and respond well.

Momma Pilea and her babies after propagation

I think I will wait a bit for the newest babies to mature before I separate them from the Momma Plant. They seem to take off when they develop  that central stem so I will watch for that to form on these new ones.

Be sure to catch the video and see them all. I will be sure to put a familiar object in the frame so there will be a form of reference to the size of the little plants. I wonder who will be getting birthday presents or Christmas presents of Pilea peperomioides plants?

Hmmm. Who’s been a good boy or girl?

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