Propagating Succulents - Sedeveria Jet Beads

Just How Easy Is It To Propagate Succulents? It’s This Easy!

After going crazy at a recent trip to Lowe’s and Home Depot, I have come home with quite a few new varieties that I have not had before. And really never heard of before. Do I not get out much?

I thought I should show you all via a video how easy it is to propagate succulents. Really they do all the work themselves a lot of the time. You just have to give them a helping hand. My plans are to start a regular little garden so that I can grow my own. Who knows what I will do with all of them. Gifts? Donate to plant sales? My daughter says I should sell them, but I am not sure I want to get into that. Who knows?

Just How Easy Is It To Propagate Succulents? It's This Easy!

For this post, I have just concentrated on this one little plant, the Sedeveria “Jet Beads.” As you can see from the name, it is a hybrid but has obligingly started propagating itself for me. What a trooper! Moving the dropped leaves into a tray of well-draining soil is really all I have to do.

Propagating Succulents – “Jet Beads”

Since Sedeveria  is the name of this plant, I think I will go out on a limb here and say it’s a hybrid of a sedum and an echeveria?  It sure is. I went over to World of Succulents and it is listed there. Looks really pretty when it gets into that dark rosy state, right? I am looking forward to it. And yellow flowers too! I will definitely put this on a list to propagate this succulent!

It is so simple and so easy - Propagating succulents make sense.

This is a tender succulent and so I won’t plant it outside to stay. I may plant it in one of my hypertufa pots just to see how it does all year. That is a great reason to propagate succulents so that you can experiment where a variety will do best. I would sure love that color in some of my outdoor pots. I think it would be great as a contrast to some other green plants like Angelina. I will plant them together and let them fight it out!

My Method

As you see in the video, I have just basically dumped out the collection of dropped leaves, dead leaves and some soil/stones lying on the top. I turned it over when it was very dry ( as usual, when I purchased it, it was very wet) and dumped that bunch into my hand. Some of the leaves had already begun to sprout a new plant. Yes, it is sometimes that easy to propagate succulents. They basically do it for you.

New Sprouting plants - So easy to propagate succulents

I lined them all up and labeled a stick so that I could put that right next to the row of sprouting leaves. Just think how many I will have if they all grow a new plant! Then I made a stick labeled for the plant itself so that I won’t forget the name. Sometimes, these plants are labeled so that you have a name to look up and learn about it. Of course, sometimes they don’t. Try to find out what a plant is so you can give it the care it needs or requires.

Darling little pots for new sprouts

Snagged a few new pots from Goodwill in the past few weeks so I will be potting up some of the tiny ones when they are ready. These pots in the photo are really tiny so I know they won’t last long for these plants, but they will be cute among my other pots.  I also have a few hypertufa pots that will be used here inside. If you remember some little cupcake size pots I made several years ago. Still have those and they will be of great use to me now.

Tiny hypertufa pots for propagating succulents

I even have some ideas for an embellishment, but that will be for another post and video! Hopefully I will have something for you next week!

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