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My Whole House Just Had A Bath!

Have you looked for power washing services? My House is squeaky clean and I love it! Let me tell you my story!

First let me say, my house has vinyl siding and ours is a light tan color. It looks great with the green shutters I have. It goes well with plants and flowers and all my succulents and bloomers here and there. But we have a problem here in this area of SW Ohio.

Algae and mildew grows on the sides of my house.

It grows on the shutters.

It grows on the gutters.

It grows over the garage.

And it grows on the fence too.

Sorry, going too Dr Suess?

Clean House from power washing services

Anyway, we called around and got some quotes and some of them were staggering. We have a power washer ourselves that we clean the sidewalks with…..and the fence too when I can get my husband to do it. The call of his computer games sometimes overcomes him when there is work to do.  He has been a real Handy Manny all these years, but a lot of things are just too much to do.

And I am not going to let him climb up on the top of the garage and try to clean the upper level. No way!

Now please understand, this is not any paid endorsement and I was not asked to do any post for his power washing services, but after I contacted Chris at Performance Power Washing ,  he was so friendly and pleasant over the phone, I felt I had found someone I could trust and depend upon. And the price he gave us!  I know heard choirs of angels when he quoted us.

He was able to put us on schedule in about two weeks and came today to power wash my house.  It is just GLORIOUS!

Power Washing My House

Quick, efficient and clean. I love it. It is like new again. Plus it washed the windows for me too. Now I just have to do the insides! I always hate to do the outside because when you tilt the window in, all that gross collection of bug carcass stuff is so icky to clean. Now it’s gone too! I just have to do the Windex inside and out and they will sparkle!

All of my hypertufa planters are just fine and I will be re-arranging them back to their winter places now. Along with trim and weeding, and mulching here and there.  It is great to think how everything will look so great now when the snow starts flying.

There is nothing worse than how the mold/mildew combo looks on the house when everything is pristine white with snow. This year, I am Golden!

I remembered to grab my camera and film it but he was finished by the time I got out there. I want to show you how nice it all looks. Color me happy!

I am in SW Ohio and he services around the Dayton Ohio area, but give him a call. I know you won’t be disappointed.


  1. Vicki Zwiebel says:

    Looks beautiful!

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