Pool Demolition – Part Three – Final

This is my final wrap up of the pool demolition.

I have one more video which is a compilation of earth-moving ( pun intended) experiences we have had doing this pool demolition in our back yard.

I want to thank my husband Jerry since he is the one who “makes it happen.” He can do anything (almost) and I always depend on that. My son and daughter helped and a few neighbors chimed in, but it was a good experience overall.

You see, Jerry has always been mechanical and his expertise is in conceptual knowledge. He can see it and watch, and then with a few hiccups, he can do it. The rental place delivered the Bobcat and the man gave Jerry quick instructions on its operation. If you have ever driven a zero-clearance lawn tractor, it is the same experience. ( I even drove it!)

The shovel and the hammer are both attached via drive-up and they clamp on very easily. We chose to have the Bobcat delivered and picked up by the rental place at a cost of $120. You do have the option of towing it yourself IF you vehicle is at least a 3/4 ton pickup. We chose delivery! And the nice instruction guy!

Our demolition took 12 hours use on the Bobcat and and we also rented the hydraulic hammer. So total expense for delivery and 12 hours rental on all the equipment was under $700. If we had chosen to have A Demolition Company come in a do it for us, the estimate we had was $8000, which was the lowest we found. Others ranged upwards to $20k.

Now I have a huge backyard which can be a lawn area, and still have the large wooded area for Jacobville.  We have eliminated the huge expense of the pool, the fear of accidents in the pool, and basically something which we didn’t use all that much in our backyard.

I guess it falls under the “taking it for granted.” We had a pool and most people would think that you’d be swimming everyday , but when you actually have it, after a while, it is just there and you find you want to do other things instead of the pool. It’s weird.

I am done with this pool saga, but if anyone would have a question, I will try and answer. I checked for info on the internet, and didn’t find very much, so I thought this might help someone if they find themselves in a similar situation.

Next we will be bringing in the topsoil, probably 20-30 yards? And then maybe I will be satisfied? I am promising myself that I will NOT create another garden!

I can’t handle another garden!


  1. Thanks for sharing this. We have decided to fill ours in as well for pretty much the same reasons as you. We only have to remove the liner and some flat metal sides which should make our process a lot easier. Our concrete decking can be left in for the most part since it squared–kind of sidewalk and patio-like.

    Since we will be taking our debris out, we’re going to use a compactor as the soil is put in which I’m hoping will keep that ground from constantly sinking. I’m well familiar with the constant sinking from having had a very large tree removed and the stump ground. As the stump and roots continue to rot out, the area is always in need of filling and its been ten years! We also recently removed five more trees the same size from the front lawn. I now know I’ll have my hands full filling in and reseeding those areas for years! Hopefully compacting the pool area soil will prevent me from needing to fill that back yard area as well.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I am so relieved that ours is out now, and we are planning our trucking-in of more soil. We hope to get that done in the next weekend or so, and I want to pile it high! By spring, it will have compacted more I am sure. We will probably get a little roller machine or compactor and go over the back yard to help speed the process. I just want it nice and flat enough for a lawn. I cannot make another garden! I won’t allow myself.

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