cuttings of flowering maple blooming and purple heart

Planting Up Cuttings In Spring

I am choosing to plant up my cuttings in spring now, but I will also plan to have these grown full enough that I can take cuttings from them to go outside for the summer.

But those that go outside, will NOT come back inside for fall and winter. I have already made that decision. ( See post here.)

Plant cuttings of Purple Heart Plant blooming

After so much work in the past years making that fall changeover to come back inside, I plan never to do that again. I love having Tradescantia outside in pots, but I won’t bring those inside again.

Don’t get me wrong. I will take cuttings as you see me do in the video, but I can’t take the whole thing. These grow fast and huge outside in summer. Too big for me to bring indoors!

Plant cuttings of Flowering Maple blooming in water

If you have room, then by all means, take yours inside. I just can’t do it! No room plus the “infestation” problem. Not taking bugs inside.

Fighting the gnats, roly polys or pillbugs, centipedes…eeek! Those centipedes are the worst!

Centipede all rolled up

Not sure why these all seem to call for a convention in my pots and saucers when it’s time to come in for the fall, but I am NOT bringing them into the house.

Pill bug exploring

Planting Up Cuttings – Simple & Easy

Tradescantia cuttings root very easily, so I am really using the same Zebrina plant that we bought back in 2018 in a huge assorted arrangement.

Each spring and fall, I can take a cutting and just put it in some water and in a couple weeks or less have a new plant. I have made many planters like that.

Tradescantia zebrina cutting in bloom

In my video you can see where I have set the cuttings into those little pots and even neglected them. ( I know you can see some of the roots are curled and dry in the pot.) But they just live…and even bloom!

Planting Up Cuttings For Spring - My Cuttings Have Bloomed in Water - Tradescantia & Abutilon

My plans are to re-arrange all the plants in my Plant Room. (So sad that there is no longer a basement plant room, but can’t be helped.)

I’ll need to adjust the height of my light over the plants. In some spots, like above the Tradescantia, I think the light is too far away and they have lost their “stripes.” Not getting enough light? At least I think that’s the reason. Any thoughts?

Basement garden room filled with plants

Even as I sit here and write how I have too many plants and not enough room and all my other complaining, I still was at my daughter’s house today and told her ” I need to take some cutting of that…”

I was pointing to her Huge Blooming Swedish Ivy plant. We have both had so many cuttings of it and been rewarded with huge plants.

Here I go with more!

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