Planting succulents with my daughter

We Are Planting Succulents ! Grown-Up Mommy & Me Day

My daughter is off work today and we are going to get to planting succulents while I have someone here to help me make a video and plant too! We enjoy doing this together and I love spending time with both my kids. She has a love for succulents and other plants just as I do. So we should have a day of fun.

Of course, a video will be on the post. I love making the videos. I like to share these with you. Perhaps your kids live far away and you don’t get to spend as much time as I do with mine, so enjoy our fun together.

image of potted pork & beans plant

You know we had gone to Meadow View Growers recently and got a lot of plants at that time. I we have been in and out of local garden centers too….and somehow we come home with MORE plants when we haven’t even potted up the others yet. Can you understand how this happens? I know I don’t suffer alone!

What Soil Do I Use Planting Succulents?

I don’t buy any special formulated soil for planting my succulents. Using just the basic potting soil from the bag at the Big Box store, I add a scoop of coarse sand, a handful of poultry grit, and sometimes just a bit of vermiculite. This seems to work for me and it feels as if it drains well. I even use the same for my larger potted blooming plants (not succulents). Almost all the soil I find in bags already has fertilizer in it. If not, I put some Osmocote mixed throughout the soil. I think it works really well for getting a lot of blossoms.

Planting Succulents in Pots - Grown Up Mommy & Me Day!

I handled the camera for the most part. My daughter’s hands are much more attractive to be seen in the video than mine. We should have been wearing gloves, but I say that 7 out of 10 times I just start the job and only think about the gloves when I see how dirty my nails are getting.

Note: After you see the video, just know that I don’t recommend digging with a shovel using bare feet! But that barefoot thing just runs in our families!

Planting the huge succulent Jade Tree

Drainage is important for all my plants. I rarely plant one without making sure I have holes in the bottom. I did plant my huge Jade Plant into a larger and deeper container and it will have NO drainage. But the bottom of the pot it probably 15 inches from the roots, so I think we are safe. Here is that one. And we didn’t break a single branch! Remember it from this post when we moved to the new house. This Jade Plant was extremely pot-bound, so we decided to put it into something BIG before it grew so large that we would not be able to transplant at all.

Broken pot - It is just a result of planting and repotting succulents.

I had to sacrifice the planter bowl it was in. We just couldn’t get it out, but I am planning to try gluing it back together. Not sure how successful that will be. It is resting in the garage right now. My husband placed the pieces all together but I don’t think it can hold a plant any longer. I will put it on a high shelf above the garden books. It will be a memory piece. Have you ever had to break a bowl to remove the plant?

As a matter of fact, don’t all of our plants hold a lot of memories?

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