Plant Store Time - And I found fresh plants

Shopping For Plants! I Am So Ready For The Plant Store!

Why would I be at the Plant Store already? Because I am just too anxious! I want this snowy season to be over soon. I guess I have some cabin fever since I can’t really get out with the plants.

There are even a few pots I need to rescue because they have ended up in a drip line under the roof overhang. Icicles are dangling down and dripping sometimes with the changes in temperature leaving my pot all frozen in a block of ice, dangling with its own icicles. I know it is saying “Help Me!”

A Plant Store Tour while they're fresh

So I have gone to a local plant store that you may have in your area also. I am referring to the Indoor Plant Store section at Lowe’s.  I was there just a few days ago and they apparently have just received a new shipment of the tropical plants.

Unfortunately I didn’t see but one succulent  there, so either that shipment will come later or it has not been moved out to the floor yet? ( This I doubt because they wouldn’t have anyplace in a big heated warehouse area to store them.)

mother-in-law’s tongue or Sansevieria trifasciata from the Plant Store

Really Fresh and Colorful Plants

I was really surprised by how nice all the plants looked. Very colorful and in good shape. If it wasn’t currently at below zero wind chills here, I would have brought some home with me.

As a matter of fact, I did bring one home with me. Well, two if I am honest. But I wrapped them up in double bags and ran straight to a warm truck heated by the sunlight.

Ok, ok…I got three. Little ones. Just something small.

Not trying it with any bigger plants. But just wait. We are due to have a break in the weather soon, and I will go back!

Euphorbia Lactea Crest - Coral Cactus -

A Problem with These Plant Stores

One of the main problems I have with these plant stores location in Big Box stores or your regular department stores ( such as where you get your groceries,) most of the time there is a person assigned to take care of these plants and the only thing it seems they are instructed to do is to “Water the Plants.”

I know a plant expert can hardly be hired for these departments, nor can such a knowledgeable person be expected to be there every day, all day.

But it just hurts to go in to these stores and see all the plants being watered with no thought about whether there is drainage or not, no thought whether it is needed or not.

Of course, in the spring and summer, we see plants dried out and dying from no water, when just a little bit of care can bring them back to life and give them years and years of beauty for someone who knows how to care for them.

A few of these plant stores have a Clearance Plants Aisle where some plants, even perennials, are marked for clearance. I have made some really good buys there.

Shopping At Lowe's Plant Store - New Shipment! Fresh Plants! Happy Me!

But some of the stores discard the plants, and will not sell to you at all. This seems such a shame when a few of them need water, a trim and/or a cut-back, and they can be thriving in no time.  I know you can sympathize with those plants, right?

Is There Any Solution?

We can shop, of course, at a private nursery where the owners and employees may be more trained on how to take care of the plants. Some of these that I have filmed and plan to in the future are just so loaded with healthy and lush plants that even a novice can tell the difference.

A Venus Fly Trap from the Plant Store

I plan to make some more films of smaller nurseries that I find around here. I think it is interesting to see the various plants carried at one vs the other.

Sometimes I can only find a certain plant that I am looking for at a Big Box store. Seems confusing, but I guess it all depends on who the suppliers are.

Meanwhile, I will hit and skip and find the plants where I can and where they look the best! That’s what I need!


  1. L. Anderson says:

    If you are interested in growing the Venus Flytrap; Go For It ! They are amazing and not difficult at all. Use Distilled water, or rainwater ONLY. Growing medium should be well draining, generally a basic mix of 1/3 EACH sphagnum peat moss, horticultural sand and pumice (or Perlite). Plant in a light colored plastic pot, as dark pots absorb too much heat. Keep the pot saucer filled with at least 1/4″ of rainwater for a small plant (as in your photo). *Flytraps grow slowly, so increase the saucer’s water depth up to 1″-1 1/2″ as you re-pot and the plant size increases. This is the bare basics for Venus Flytraps but has awesome information and fantastic photos. Please do treat yourself and check out their website. Enjoy my friend ! L. Anderson

    1. Thanks, that sounds like a lot of good info and I will check out that site too. I am thinking of putting it in a small terrarium for the extra humidity.

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