gypsophila tenuifolia

Plant Pick: Gypsophila tenuifolia

Gypsophila or Baby’s Breath

The most common variety of gypsophila that we see most often is the Gypsohila paniculata which is used in bridal bouquets and other flower arrangements. The paniculata variety is the type which is intricately branched and gives us that filler effect of a cloud of white in arrangements.

This variety, the paniculata, is a very aggressive plant which can become too much for your garden and take over, so be careful if you plant this one. It is said that crowding the plants in this variety would be the best way to get the most bloom. Who knew?

But there are many other varieties of gypsophila and I am interested in the Gypsophila tenuifolia (among others.)

Tufted and mat-forming, it grows on rocky slopes and in alpine meadows. There are other varieties which form even tighter mats such as G. aretioides, G. cerastioides, and G. repens. I would need to order these from a nursery.

gypsophila tenuifolia

Baby’s Breath – Gypsophilia tenuifolia – a smaller plant

Info on this plant:

  • Height: under 6 inches
  • Spread: 12-15 inches
  • Hardiness: USDA zone 5-8
  • Exposure: sunny scree or raised wall
  • Well draining soil, water in dry spells

All of the information available about this plant leads me to believe that it would be best in one of my deeper large hypertufa troughs. With a deeper trough, I can more easily provide the cooler temperatures and some moisture to the roots so that they will have a water supply available. My deeper troughs seem to do well for this type of plant.

I think the Baby’s Breath is a great plant to use in your bouquets as a filler, and it can be pretty alone too.

gypsophila tenuifolia - Baby's breath(1)

I have several old dried arrangements with Baby’s Breath which have lasted for years. When they are dried out, it seems they can last forever. Well, at least until next year when you can get more.

For myself, I really love a tiny flower in a tiny vase sitting on the bathroom sink vanity . Perhaps you’d like one on a shelf somewhere unexpected.

I have some tiny vases that are only about 4-5 inches high and they are so sweet looking with a tiny flower such as these or even a forget-me-not or lily-of-the-valley.

Try a tiny rosebud from one of your miniatures with a sprig of baby’s breath. Awesome!

Do you grow Baby’s Breath? What do you think of it?


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