Plant Hangers quickly and easily

How To Make Simple Plant Hangers For Pennies

I can recall when I was young, many moons ago, and it was very popular to have plant hangers made from macrame all through the house. Every window or any opening had a macrame plant hanger dangling. What I remember most are huge large hanging tables made of macrame hanging as side tables next to chairs or sofas. My aunt could whip these up overnight since she was so talented in hand crafts like that.

My Mom didn’t make those herself. She was a quilter and embroidery sewer. I tried a few things back then, but I wasn’t very good at it, either embroidering, sewing, or macrame. I guess that particular gene just didn’t land in my pool.

Making Simple Plant Hangers

But now that I am so interested in plants, and the hanging of them, I wish I had learned more ( read that: paid attention) when my aunt was teaching me how she did it. I have tried to purchase some of the macrame plant hangers from the local craft booths, but it gets pretty expensive if you want to have several of them. I need to save money for plants!

Making Plant Hangers Myself

I decided that I should at least try and see what I could make on my own. There are quite a few spots on my Screened Porch where I would like to hang some hypertufa pots and some other pretty containers, so I really need to get busy. But how can I make one quickly and get it hung in one afternoon?

Here is my solution. I saw a video by a Florida garden club last winter , but I don’t remember the link to reference that particular video.  I don’t think I am doing it exactly like that, but when I do it, the cord creates a hanger for round or square pots so I am content with it. Check out the video down below and see what you think. The sling turns out like this:

Up close on my homemade plant hangers

I have a grey cord to use now, but I think I will get some colorful cord to add to the colors on my Screened Porch. I can’t really tell you how long your cord needs to be because that will vary based on the size of your pot and the length you need it to hang. In my case, I need a sling for a large planter but with short “hangers” since it needed to fit inside that hanging contraption. What is that called anyway?

Playing around with the cord, you may find a different pull-through that works better for you. I feel like a needed a secure pot and adding a stitch to the knots or cord joints could make me feel more secure. For hanging a heavier pot, I feel the a stitch or additional tie with a fishing line or something may be required. But these hangers take only a few minutes or so to make and I like the way they look.

How To Make Simple Plant Hangers Cheaply!

It takes a little practice, and the most important thing is to pull the cord level and opposite from each other. That forms your basket. Please let me know if you need another video explaining again how to do it. I could try different camera angles to help explain how it needs to be laid out.

One of the tiny plant hangers with longer hangers

Once you get the knack, you will be making many of them, I think. I guess I could call this macrame since I am making it by tying a knot and the definition of macrame is “a form of textile produced using knotting techniques.”

Cord for making Plant Hangers

I picked my cord up from Hobby Lobby and I must have thought I would be making a lot of it. (As you see, I got 100 yards.) But I need to pick up more colors and perhaps shorter amounts so that I have an assortment. Here is a source for Macrame Craft Cord via an affiliate link. If you should make a purchase, I can earn commission to support my blog expenses.

I think my Screened Porch Jungle is getting to look better and better, more and more full. Somebody stop me!  No, never mind, I am having too much fun!

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