image of taco plant - Peperomia axillaris

New Plant Pick : Peperomia axillaris or Taco Plant

I have recently posted a video on my YouTube channel, Kim’s Gardens, about a plant shopping trip that my daughter and I took to Meadowview Growers. We had done the same thing last spring, and so when we were bored on a cold afternoon, we decided to head out that way again. I promised myself it was just to “”look” but of course, I came home with a plant. I bought a Peperomia axillaris or a Taco Plant.

image of taco plant

Perhaps I had seen this in a video somewhere or just thumbing through books or catalogues, but it was so cute, I couldn’t resist her. My daughter found her on one of the tables. She was in a 2 inch pot and was only about 6 inches tall, but was such a little darling. And only $4.29!

Most of the time when I buy a plant, I like to look up all the information about it so that I feel that it is one that I have the place for in my house. But I just took her on faith that I could care for her. She is a succulent plant and seems similar to the String of Pearls. By that, I mean she has the “window” down the side like the pearl does on its side as it hangs on the string. The Peperomia grows on a stem, but each little taco has that same type of little window.

image of a taco plant

Peperomia axillaris Care

  • Likes a tight pot
  • Moist soil, but well draining and rich
  • Likes humidity
  • Moderate light, great under indoor lights
  • 8-10 inches tall
  • Cold hardy to Zone 9, cannot take frost
  • Blooms with a tall candelabra-like bloom, not the single one as a typical peperomia
image of taco plant

I have a short video that I made of the plant so that you can more easily see its size. Right now , it is a tiny plant but I hope I can get the full ten inches this summer and propagate some of its leaves and make many more plants. I have two that had fallen off in transport so I have to get to work on those.

photo of fallen leaves of taco plant

Now let’s pop over and watch the video. I hope you enjoy it.

Result from Last Plant Shopping Trip - ONE Plant - See, I can only get just One! Taco Plant!

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