Painting Hypertufa - Quick and Easy Renewal

Painting Hypertufa Planters – Renewing An Old Planter

Have you tried painting your hypertufa planters? I have decided to try that since I have been going with a theme color inside. I thought that it might be nice to try a theme color for outside…or at least for those plants that are to be place in my Screened Porch Jungle. Do you use a color theme?

Renewal_ Painting Hypertufa

I have a planter that has been outside for years, but I have cleaned it up and soaked it in a vinegar rinse as a special cleanser for painting in the future. Well, that day has come and I am ready to do it. It is to be stormy for a lot of the day so I can get inside jobs done today.

The paint that I have chosen is a leftover gallon of paint from one of the rooms here. This one is an interior paint and I would usually recommend using exterior since it may be out in the weather, but let this one be a test case for how interior paint behaves. I am planning for this one to be sheltered on the screened porch anyway.

Painting Hypertufa - Old is new again

Painting hypertufa with a latex paint makes for easier cleanup and I happen to have some leftover paint so that there is no expense involved. This color is not white but an eggshell color ( it may have been called Honey.) Contrasting the pot with green plants inside will look really good.

How Long to Paint Hypertufa?

Depending on the drying time, it can just take a few hours and the hypertufa is ready to plant. I think the time spent on the painting will pay off in the longevity of this pot. It may help hold it together in the elements. Based on the latex paint altering the porosity of the sides of my planter, perhaps I will not have to water as much but the “breathability” will not change very much. We shall see how it goes.

Painting Hypertufa - It's Easy & Looks Great!

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Potting tray or planting tray

The new painted hypertufa planter is now outside and I think it looks wonderful. The whitish color contrasts well with all the browns out there, so I may be checking out all my other hypertufa planters to see if they need a renewal. The photo is in that Pin Image above. Won’t you pin it to some of your boards?

Renewing a Hypertufa Planter

We are having the deck renewed and repainted, so I have been moving all of my pots and planters off the deck. It has been such a job. I have been evaluating all of the pots and each one’s condition. In some instances, I think I will bring them in and paint them too!  A few of those bowls will make great planters for some groups of succulents like this one did.

Check back with me again and I will update you on the deck and all my Renewed and Refreshed Planters!

Update on My Painted Hypertufa

My painted hypertufa has really done well, both outside and inside. This one was originally painted in 2019 and now here in 2023, it still looks fine.

Don’t you think?

4 years later Same Pot
Painted Hypertufa 4 years later, same original paint job!

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