Oh The Weather Outside is ………

Well. It is frightful……..but so pretty!


Here in Ohio, snow started last evening, and continued into the night, but by 5 and 6am, it was about 5 inches deep around here. It is a wet and sloppy snow, just that wonderful one where you need boots for walking in it, no doubt.

I am so glad that I don’t HAVE to go anywhere today. It is not a day I want to be out in the weather.


Now that doesn’t mean I can’t step out and take a few photographs of the snowstorm. It is so pretty when it sticks to the trees and weighs down the limbs.

I like the way the trunks and limbs of the trees hold the snow. My hypertufa planters have a nice blanket to protect them from the harsh winds and freezing weather.


The snow will soon stop and then will get slushy and somewhat dirty looking, but for now it is a real winter wonderland of beauty. I love the hush of the snow.

And when it snows like this, you can hear it softly hit the ground. It almost makes me like winter…..but….Nah!

My hypertufa table - from The Hypertufa Gardener

And I can’t help but be so proud of the little hypertufa table that I made several years ago. It is as strong and sturdy as when I first made it, and it has been outside for many winters.

Enjoy the beautiful winter beauty that is available right now…..and probably for many times this winter. And those of you who don’t have snow, it is pretty, sometimes breathtakingly beautiful, but it is also COLD!  Send me some WARM!

image of snow under a Japanese maple tree

Wishing you a wonderful winter season!  Please visit the Facebook Page and leave me some comments.

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