It was hard to move this Large Jade plant

Moving Potted Plants – A Lot of Hypertufa to Move

If you are following my Facebook page, you probably know that I am planning to move. Yes, moving away from my garden that I have tended for almost twenty years! It is so sad….so exciting…so emotional. And then there is the problem of moving potted plants. If you recall, I have a lot of them….A Lot of Them.

In addition to all of mine, I have all of my daughter’s too!  We have been moving potted plants from her house over to mine for the past month or more. She has a lot of hypertufa too!  And a lot of other large planters. Some of hers went straight to the storage units since they are dormant and will most likely survive for the next month….two months?  Until she finds a house and moves.  As you know, we are moving in together. The problem has been to find a large enough house that we can all agree on.

Moving potted plants - Hypertufa pots

Then when we agree and get excited, what happens? It goes “Pending.”  It gets so frustrating. But the market it hot right now, but interest rates are climbing again. We need to find something.

Soon hopefully.

I am hoping for a large Rock Garden area that I can sprinkle my hypertufa pots around and among boulders or something like that. With hers and mine combined, we are going to have a large hypertufa display garden.  I am trying to think of ways to arrange it, but since I don’t yet know where it will be, it is very hard. I hope we have a new home by the time spring comes.  I sure want to see what comes up in a New Garden. No “pulling weeds”, right?  I could pull something very special.

New Potted plants to move

Our Garden Helpers – Moving the Plants

Just a little tale about “Best Laid Plans”… My daughter and I worried about her Huge Jade plant. It has grown so much since she got it several years ago for Mother’s Day ( from me.) We worried about moving it, so it stayed in place during her selling period, through Open Houses, showings, etc.  But after all of that was over with and she was waiting to close, we carefully planned how and when we were going to move it.

Wait for the warmest day in late Janurary (good luck with that.) Check!  Bring large garbage bag to put over it and protect it from any sudden cold drafts. Check! We would go together and I would hold it in the passenger seat while she drove…or visa versa. Check! Have a spot ready at home, empty garage so we could pull directly inside for The Monumental Transfer. Check! Yep, that was the plan.

Large stem of the Jade Plant

During that final week before the close, we looked out the window on a cold day with temperature about 20°F.  There was her husband, our garden helper, smiling and carrying her Huge Jade plant up the driveway…bare…swaying in his arms…tilting at every step.

OMG. She rushed to open the door and put the Huge Jade on the dining room sideboard where we had planned to put it. We were looking at each other, waiting for the leaves to start falling like raindrops……

But so far, so good.  It seems to have survived. And so did her husband.  He carried all of those hypertufa in the image up there one by one. Loaded in the pickup and unloaded them into my side yard.  I tried to lift one of those large ones and it was like it was nailed down. Wet with snow and January rains, they are So Heavy!

Moving potted plants - These are large ones made from hypertufa

The Move to the New House?

I am sure the guys are looking forward to the move to the new house, where ever that may be. We will perhaps lose a few hypertufa pots because accidents will happen, I know. But don’t we all know succulents? Every little leaf or petal will grow into a new plant, so I will pick all of the little broken pieces up and bring  them with me in a paper bag. These can sit on a shelf for a week or a month, and patiently wait for me to lay them out on soil. Believe me, it happens to me all the time. How else could I fill so many pots?

Will my new house have a sun room for plants? Large window sills for all my tender succulents?  I know we have certainly seen some beautiful homes with window sills that are 10-12 inches wide. I try to not evaluate the house based on where I can put my plants. I know we need a great kitchen etc. But I can’t help it. I have to know where all my “stuff” will go, right?

More terrariums - Moving potted plants like this is easy

Meanwhile, I just keep forcing more bulbs. I guess it is an obsession. Love to watch them grow!  And the house smells like hyacinths when we have our Open House. Adds just the right touch, don’t you think?

Forcing more bulbs

I will keep you updated on our search for a house with a garden. We had an Open House today ( I am writing this Sunday night), and two of the ladies mentioned being gardeners and loving my garden layout and potting shed. It warms my heart to think someone would move here and continue the garden.  I don’t want to think someone would hate it and just bulldoze it all down.

Keeping my fingers crossed!


  1. DC Harrison says:

    I’m so happy for the both of you! I hope everything go the way you both want. I know we don’t know each other, but that’s ok. I love plants off all kinds indoors and out. They make the world a beautiful place! May God bless y’all and Happy Gardeneing !

  2. Vicki Zwiebel says:

    Anxiously waiting to see your new house! Good Luck.

    1. Thanks, Vicki. One of these days I will find one. Hopefully sell mine too!

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