Many outdoor pots to move to new house

A Move To A New House – Can I Take All My Plants?

For me as a gardener and houseplant lover, I am not looking forward to a move to a new house. I have so many plants inside of varying sizes, a few that are 4 to 5 feet tall and I am not sure what I am going to do.

Even my smaller ones potted in medium and larger planters are going to be a challenge. But any move to a new house involves stress, so I guess I just have to deal with it.

colorful planters in red and purple
I have some really large planters.

At least we now are in the home stretch as far as getting our new home. We were not successful in our quest regarding the first one we wrote an offer. It had such a pretty garden of flowers already and I was really excited to get in there.

flower garden border with cosmos
Her garden was so pretty, I hated to lose this one!

The bonus was that it had a large screened porch out back with access to the concrete patio and it was going to be perfect to make hypertufa.

But things never turn out as one would think. When inspections came back, there were a lot of issues and even the inspector himself warned us about the driveway to this home. “Now, that driveway will be hard to walk on in wet weather, even worse in freezing weather, so you all be extra careful.” OMG!

steep slippery asphalt driveway
Steep slippery asphalt driveway

I took off my rose-colored glasses and looked and thought “I will surely fall on this driveway at some point.” It is a fairly steep incline but curved so prettily into the side of the house. Come to think of it, leaves falling in the autumn will make for slipperiness also.

There were other issues such as a furnace and AC unit being over 20 years old, both fireplaces were found to be unusable until a new liner was put in. Plus the downstairs fireplace was not fixable due to its access.

My washer and dryer were in the basement at this house. Can I do basement stairs over and over after being used to a main floor laundry room?

ink pen and contract

So even though I loved the place and its atmosphere, we decided that the signs were there and we should NOT stay. We backed out of that contract and went house hunting again. My heart was broken, but it was for the best.

Finding Another House to Move Into

We began our search again and this time we looked for a single floor plan. I would miss having a basement and really didn’t know what I could do with all my plants. Where would I put them in winter? Will there be enough windows? Would I have to get rid of some of my indoor houseplants in this move to a new home?

long wood table with large window sill behind it

After several days of showings of property for sale (we exhausted our agent, I know), we finally found one in a great neighborhood, flat lawn, flat driveway, ranch on slab so no steps (but no basement for plants either).

A small concrete patio out back would work, and I took great pleasure in a windowsill in the front living room that stretched about 9-10 feet! Jackpot! Small kitchen windowsill and patio doors with room for plants there.

large blue planter with Elephant Ears and Tradescantia

Move To New House – But Have Room for Plants!

Call us foolish but we wrote an offer on this one. It has four bedrooms and there is just the two of us. But we said two for you and two for me! Each of us have a bedroom but then each of us has another room for…..(drum roll) plants. Well, his will be his office for playing games and internet surfing.

But I can set up my plant shelves in my “office” and my lightbox and camera equipment. I am really looking forward to it. Not closed yet, inspections were “exciting” and repairs and updates are needed. After all that was settled, then the appraisal came in too low. Will we as the buyer make up the $10k difference? Nope!

computers showing market problems

Just My Opinion: This crazy seller’s market has prices going so high with multiple offers over asking price, the comps just don’t support the true value of the property. Crash coming soon! Value of appraisal has to match selling price of home, not your loan amount even when you are making a large down payment. FYI

So the seller reduced the price to appraisal and we are on our way to closing. Getting all my plants ready and we hope to move in sometime in mid August. Wish us luck on our new adventure!

poison ivy and a sad face

But now I have a new garden and new places for my plants. But do you detect a problem in that photo above? I get itchy just looking at it!

Wow, I need to make more videos for my YouTube channel. See you there!

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