The tomato vine is almost done for the year.

I Think It Feels Like Fall

Hello fellow gardeners, and hopefully a lot of hypertufa gardeners!

It’s Monday again (already) and a chilly morning here. Everything is relative, though. It is about 50° here in Ohio, and soon I know I will be saying that is “warm” weather. I don’t like cold weather.

Do you like green tea?

I drink it a little, but I just don’t enjoy the flavor as well as I do other teas, but did you know that  green tea and leaves are good for your plants, especially the ones in containers? You can take your used tea bag and empty it onto the soil as an additive since it has nitrogen and other micro-nutrients .

You can also toss the bag on your compost pile too. Good inside and out!  I drink the tea to help speed up metabolism and for its anti-oxidants.


Steam Cleaners – those ones with a nozzle?

Do any of you have one of those portable steam cleaners? They are advertised on TV a lot, and I got one. I used it some, and it cleans really well. But I don’t use it a lot. Guess what else you can use it for?  

WEEDS. Yep. Just fill it up and go into the garden and zap those weeds with a hit from that steam nozzle! And if there are weeds between pavers or in sidewalks, just aim and zap them too. 

It is kind of fun. I feel like I am in a video game!


You know you have heard the idea of pouring hot water on weeds to kill them. Well, this steamer gets them even better. And easier. If yours is electric, just hook a long extension cord and you are free to wander around and Get Them!  Mine will last for about 20 minutes zapping time. The weeds  shrivel up and die in a little while. Good job!


Binder clips!

Yes, those things that clutter up your desk and are useful for so many things in your home office. But they are wonderful for the garden shed too! You can use a small one to clip the end of a roll of screening, or landscape fabric. You can clip a row of them up, then use the other side to hang/store unused hooks. Hang your garden gloves from them. They’ll be dry, and matched.

That is, if you hang them matching on the clip in the first place!

Use them as a plant pot label. You can put a paper sticky label on them too! Lasts a long time inside, but will need to have the label replaced outside.   Also you can use them to hold closed any bag, such as soil, perlite, fertilizer, even the leaf bags. The only limit is your imagination!

All Those Pumpkins

Almost time for all those pumpkins to be outside as a decoration. Or maybe you have a lot from your garden and have them out for fall already.

Use these as squirrel feeders. Whether carved with the Jack O’Lantern face, or just  cutting a hole into them, the squirrel will crawl in and eat seeds from them and maybe stay out of your bird feeders.

You can also sprinkle sunflower seeds inside them and the squirrel will entertain you climbing inside and out.


Enjoy your fall day!    It’s almost the end of the month and we will be into October!  Isn’t Christmas just three months away!

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