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Monday: Garden Hints & Tips

It is cold and windy in Ohio

But right here where I live, we have had no snow yet. At least the kind that leave a coating on the ground. Not sure why we are exempt, but I know it will come soon.

Even here across the city, snow will arrive soon, but I wish I could say not at my home.

Use Those Leaf Blowers


I am sure you already know about using a leaf blower, but I am mentioning it just the same. Be sure to blow around your home’s foundation so that there does not remain piles of leaves to attract critters to set up housekeeping.

Mice will find the tiniest crack or hole and get inside. But allow some leaves to lie under your shrubs and bushes to provide some protection. Not deeply, and not around the trunk or stems.



If you had birdhouses outside, you may want to take them down and clear out old nests and clean them with 1 part bleach to 10 parts water. This may help to eliminate bird parasites and diseases. Be sure to wear rubber gloves when you do this.



I don’t usually feed the birds during the spring and summer so much. I want them to eat the insects instead. But in winter when food is scarce for them, I try to feed regularly.

Store your birdseed in an airtight container. It may have pantry moths in it and they will gladly move into your foods such as flour, corn meal, oatmeal, etc.

Newly Planted Shrubs or Trees


Be sure your newly planted outdoor shrubs or trees are well watered on these nice warm days. They need to have plenty of water to survive the first few winter seasons. Keep watered until ground freezes.

The Dreaded Snow Blower


Unfortunately, get the snow blower out and test it, gas it up, and have it ready for when you will need it. I hate the thought of needing it, but it will be here soon. My husband loves his Toy so I am sure he is wanting snow. He is getting on my nerves.

How are you preparing for the winter season? 

Got those seed and flower catalogs ordered?

Have a nice Monday and be sure to share to post to your favorite Social Media, please.


  1. WE are getting our snow blower out too since we live in North Dakota. We are just grateful that we haven’t had snow yet. Since it is Mid Oct. We have been known to have snow in Sept, we are happy. Stay warm this winter.

    1. Kim Smith says:

      Hi Karen, and I hope all of us don’t have a severe winter. Some snow to cover/protect, but we don’t need yards deep over our roads please. Keep hoping.

  2. Yes, I’m preparing for the winter to come. It’s not snowing yet as well but you could feel the breeze getting colder. I’m psyche to try my new snow blower.

    1. Well, I hope you get some of that fluffy light snow soon, so you can go use that snow blower. But let’s just make it the quick and melting kind! Thanks for visiting!

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