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Make A Video With Your Family About The Food Dehydrator, They Said

Have you wondered what snacks you can make with a food dehydrator?

We recently got a food dehydrator and I made a video about using it. With the whole family there, it was an experience. I made the video and edited it some, but left most of it intact and you will see the crazy people I gave birth to. The fun, happy, giggling times we have together. The exasperation. The “Don’t make me put this camera down” times. But let me tell you about my dehydrator. Well, it is really my daughter’s.  ( See more Easy Recipes here.)

We found you can make just about anything. And we found out that the food is really good! The food we made was so healthy and un-sugared. Is that a word? We have tried a lot of different foods and had success with most of them. My daughter is the one who will venture out to try something, so this was her idea. She purchased the food dehydrator after studying pros and cons in reviews.

Basically, we wanted a timer, temperature setting, and quiet operation. Those are the most important options for us but yours may differ. But let me tell you what we have tried or dried, as the case may be.

And then I have a video of our procedure. All done with the family. Oh my!

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Well, all plans are bound to come to an end when kids are involved. I planned to make a video of all of us using  food dehydrator and it would be so instructive. But kids do get in the way…….even your grown ones.

Now my kids are responsible adults…..they truly are. They just find it hilarious to try and make me laugh when I am doing a “dignified post and video.” Yeah, I know.  But just like when they were little and find out Mom has something to do, they want to annoy the heck out of me and see if they can get a rise out of me. Have patience! That’s what you tell yourself when they are under 10 years old.  Let me burst that bubble for you. Your kids will still get to you like that when they’re grown. ( But you cherish every moment they are around you, it is so wonderful!)

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My children are grown people with homes of their own. But let’s try to get them to settle down and dehydrate fruit. …..and so it goes.  So now let’s warm up by this fire and see this epic adventure.

Fruits Dried in a Dehydrator - Family Crashes My Video!

It all went pretty well, and the food turned out very well.  Dehydrated food makes a great snack for us and my grandson can have it too. After all, it is only fruit with no additives or preservatives or anything with a long and undecipherable name.

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It is easy to slice everything up with a Mandoline Slicer.

Note: We are planning to branch into peas, cantaloupe, onions…..the sky is the limit. The unit that we ended up purchasing was Presto 06301 Dehydro Digital Electric Food Dehydrator .

We did get additional trays and mesh screens so that we could make fruit-rolls-type goodies. Love those, but they have so much sugar or high fructose corn syrup so with this, we can control the end product to have just dried/smashed fruit, right?

I made a video and of course, my daughter helped me and my grandson did a small segment. I was trying not to laugh so, of course, this makes my son work even harder to get to me. They thought it was so funny if I gave them “The Look.”  All of you Moms know what I mean. That ” Behave!” look.  I used to get the same look from my Mom as she leaned over and looked down the pew at me giggling in church.

My Helpers

But when my son got there, and found out I was making a video, it all hit the fan. I had so much trouble editing this thing, I just gave up. There is some information there, but my son thought that yelling and howling would somehow enhance the ambiance, I guess.  I tried not to laugh. If I didn’t laugh, it could be he’d take The Look seriously. 

behave you kids

If I could just stop giggling, maybe they would behave. But kids will be kids, no matter their age! But I love them, and they are great kids. I appreciate every minute of time with them. They are what I was born to do. Be a Mom.

And I only needed one extra glass of wine afterwards. I earned it!









  1. Thanks for the advice about making healthy snacks. The suggestion about using an egg slicer for cutting bananas for the dehydrator. Banana chips are one of my favorite things to make.

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