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Little Christmas Village Houses On A Little Street – A Kid’s Dream

Will he still love the Christmas village houses this year?

A set of Christmas Village houses arranged into a street scene of a Victorian village has been one of his thrills at Christmas each year. It is a kid’s idea of a fantasy land for all his trucks and cars and everything he can find to populate it! And I will soon be getting all of the “village” out again.

Little Christmas Village Houses - The Hypertufa Gardener

Unfortunately (but I just love it), he wants to add all of his little cars into the scene. He likes to line the street with his cars saying there is a party going on!  But I just allow it to happen (within reason, of course), since his imagination can run away with him sometimes. Modern automobiles in a Victorian Village? It’s OK with this Nana.

Christmas Village Houses with Jacob's Cars - The Hypertufa Gardener

Such as when he pretended a tornado hit the town………..yes, seriously, that took a while to put back together. I must have swept up snowflakes all during that Christmas season.
But he is fascinated with the village and likes to put the little people inside the houses. And they need a Christmas tree in there, don’t they? He just lifts the house and puts the people down the little hole where a light cord is supposed to go. I  don’t have mine lit by an electric cord.

Christmas Village houses arranged - The Hypertufa Gardener

I use those little battery-powered candles . Set them inside the house and you have a bit of light. So much easier than running cords and such. Sorry, but I have to go the easy way!

I set up my Christmas Village in an extra room off the entry and opposite the living room. That way, it is out of the way of traffic running through the house and gives Jacob a place to play on his own. This where I have his work table and chairs where he can do his homework when he is at my house, and it is his spot for toys, books, Lego projects, and anything else he is working on. He is quickly outgrowing the table and chairs!

Jacob and The Christmas Houses Village - The Hypertufa Gardener

My one and only grandson is 10 years old this Christmas. I wonder how much longer he will want to “play” with the village?

I will continue putting up the Christmas Village houses and trying out new ideas for as long as Jacob loves it. I know he will lose some interest as he gets older, but then, even at his young age, he will remember fondly of “back when he was little” and played with the houses. After all, we Nanas want to be a big part of his memories of being little, and spoiled by a Nana and Papaw who love him so much.

Next Friday I will have more on my Christmas Village. Please come back! And share!

Here is Part Two:

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