Landscaping with rocks and boulders

Landscaping With Rocks – A Rock Garden of Boulders

I had planned to do some landscaping with rocks here at the new house. As I have shown you in photos, we have quite a hill on the side yard that already has some large rocks or boulders. By the way, when does a rock become a boulder? What size is a boulder? According to a Wiki definition, a rock is a boulder if it is 10 inches in diameter. ” In geology, a boulder is a rock fragment with size greater than 25.6 centimetres (10.1 in) in diameter.” See reference:

Guess I have a lot of boulders at this property. And I thought they were just rocks. LOL

Landscaping with rocks on the south side of the house

Basically, I want this area to revert to lawn since I have no desire to add more flowers or plants to take care of here. I plan to set hypertufa planters against the house in a gravel bed similar to how they “lived” at my old house and at my daughter’s old house. Hers did so well in that location ( and it was also on the south side of her house), I think this would be ideal.

Believe me, this old lady has gone out to weed out there on that hill and it is a challenge. And those Spotted Spurge weeds can grow faster than I can move out there. We had previously cleaned a whole lot of lily turf out of this area, since it is a massive garden thug in my opinion. It seems to have been conquered, but I guess we won’t know until sprouts come up here and there. ( I pull them as soon as I see them.)

Too hard to weed on a hill, so we are landscaping with rocks and boulders

But it seems as though we are fighting thistles, spurge, and burnweed.  I definitely cut off those flower heads on the burnweed since we don’t need that going to seed. I hope to get this area inside the area landscaped with rocks full of succulents eventually. I know some of them spread quickly, so I am sure we can have a nice border by next year if not later this year. I will put in some hypertufa bowls or troughs where I can. At least where I can get to them to weed sometimes. The lower retaining wall is just about the right height for me to reach into the lower bed. I can climb into the bed from the side or above to weed too!

Landscaping With Rocks - We Bought Boulders!

I made of video of the delivery and part of the placing of the boulders. It was such a rainy day that I worried for Rick, the guy whose business we used, but he was a trooper and worked on that hill with only minor problems. We had a tough time finding a boulder seller who also delivered and place the stones. Many places delivered but no one seemed to place them where you needed them. We found the Notestine’s Farm and Boulder out of New Carlisle. 

Notestine’s Farm and Boulder
3855 South Dayton Brandt Rd.
New Carlisle, OH 45344

and they let us roam the farm and choose which boulders we wanted. We tried to match the type or style that were already there and I think we did a pretty good job. It seems to me that they all look as if they were placed at the same time.

Landscaping with rocks - I will scatter these out along the hill.

The prices were very good, by the way. And we are about 25 miles away from the location of his business, so I am more than pleased with this company. Shout out to Notestine’s .

This post is NOT any paid endorsement. I just thought this business needed a great Shout-Out when they do a great job at a great price. Check them out if you are in the SW or Central Ohio area. It could be just what you were looking for!


  1. You have brilliant ideas in mind. Thank you for sharing what you have got to impress your viewer. You never fail me to do so. Landscaping with rocks ideas caught my attention so I have to read it attentively. I will suggest these tips with mom soon.

  2. Doris Funk says:

    Love the landscaping with boulders. I have my own spaces I’m planning to get done this spring. Already have rocks that I can manage myself.

    1. Agree! Love lots of stone and rocks, wish I could afford more. I would like to have a back stone patio with rocks all around…big boulders.

  3. Great idea!! It’s a great idea to add rocks to the landscape in such a beautiful way. Really appreciable!! This is a great way to not remove those rocks from your garden and use them in this way.

  4. Adding rocks to any landscape is a nice way to add a new texture to the overall feel. The perfect centerpiece for any garden!

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