Kid’s Activities – A Box, A Tent?

What can we learn when we watch kid’s activities?

What do they want to play with? How many toys and books and Legos sets and video games did we get them for Christmas or birthdays? What are they playing with now? Are they complaining there’s nothing to do?  Just another example of Family Life.

When they were tiny little toddlers, they’d give a passing glance to the hundreds of dollars worth of toys you got them. And they will hold  and taste all of the things you got them. But what is it that they play with?

Kids Activities - Tents and Forts

The boxes………..

The wrapping paper….

The ribbons…..the bows

They get inside the boxes and wiggle their toes.

I am sounding like Dr Suess!

All of you young mothers and fathers out there, you know that you’ve seen the video with the little baby just laughing and giggling every time Daddy ripped a sheet of paper. The baby found that so entertaining and we all loved to watch it over and over. The sound of a baby’s laughter is one of the sweetest sounds ever.

It is just a little kid’s imagination that makes anything, even an empty box, an adventure. They’ll crawl into it, and make sounds like a car or pretend they are driving a car. They’ll even want doors cut into it to make a house, and more holes for windows.

Have you ever had a new refrigerator delivered and pleaded with the delivery person to not rip the box up?

[su_quote]You embarrassed yourself running out the door in flip flops and clutching at a robe begging “Please just cut the box on the corner fold, I want to save it.” The delivery man looks at you like you’ve lost it, then the look of understanding passes over his face. He knows!  His boys could also make a fort of that huge box!

Such a nice man![/su_quote]

It is always in a kid’s imagination to make something out of the weirdest things.

Got a table? Got a quilt?  You’re good for a whole afternoon of busy little minds making a fort, a playhouse, a hotel room ( Jacob’s favorite), or a cave…..whatever they can think about it becoming.

Believe it or not, it can become an aquarium. And he is the fish swimming inside it…..Go figure.

Making a fort with a quilt = FUN

There is some magic in a quilt draped over a table. Or if we pull apart the family room couch and make tunnels by propping the cushions  all over between the couch and the coffee table. It becomes a maze right out of his Minecraft game.

It’s practical in a power failure

The kids’ play tents can be practical too. During years past, a bed curtain was used naturally to keep a person warm in their beds in the drafty Victorian houses. So remember if you should have any power failure and the heat is off for any period of time, let the kids build “tents” out of quilts. You can all cuddle up under them to keep warm. As a matter of fact, if you have access to a four-poster bed, just rig some quilts and spreads around it and everyone can play “fort” but keep warm too.

If you have any camping tents or those small pop-ups, drape them with quilts and you will have a cozy den for the kids to play. Just be sure to leave them a spot to get air! Kids need to have something to channel all that energy when all their electronic toy’s batteries can’t be charged.



We love it.

Right now, at 12 years old, Jacob “drives” a box or even a bag around the house, running into walls, corners, staircases, doors……He wants to see how the box or bag gets “crunched.”

Does he have a future with the IIHS? 

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

We know these little minds are the ones who will ponder and dream, soar and imagine and explore the future for all of us and our grandchildren.

Those minds will find the cures or the treatments or safety measures.

Or discover new worlds…who knows?

Does your child have a favorite weird thing to play with?  I think it is perfectly normal. Imagination is a wonderful thing. The more a child has, the better.


Driving a Box - The Hypertufa Gardener
Driving a Box

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