Kid Friendly Christmas Village - Let them play!

Kid-Friendly Christmas Village! Traffic in the Streets!

At Christmas time, throughout the season, I love the thought of my beautiful Christmas Village or Snow Village all set up, serene and beautiful as a Victorian-inspired village can be. I have written about it previously on this post, but as the years pass, I realize that my ideas have changed.

Don’t get me wrong. I love those villages and the elaborate ones set up are so gorgeous, imaginative, intricate and lovely, it makes me wonder at the innovations that are going on in that type of decor. And the big market for those who have the money to invest in them. Because they can truly be a big investment.

A wrecking yard in my kid-friendly Christmas village

But around here, I need a kid-friendly Christmas village!

I only have one grandchild, and you may have guessed this, he is spoiled rotten. He has grown up over these past thirteen Christmases loving my Christmas Snow Village. Once he was old enough to want to pick at it or pull on it, we had to be careful because it has a lot of small parts and the houses and people are mostly all breakable. We needed to be careful he didn’t put a small sled in his mouth or try and eat some snowmen. If you have one of these, you will know what I mean.

In a kid-friendly Victorian village, of course we will find a 1969 Mustang parked by the house.

But as he got older and was able to safely pick up and arrange the houses, I knew I needed a kid-friendly Christmas village. Admittedly, he got the most pleasure out of moving the homes in arrangements he liked. He wanted to add cars for every home. And even though a 1969 Mustang parked at a Victorian house looked a little out of place, it made him so happy!

This year: A Kid Friendly Christmas Village

So this year when we got all the village houses, shops, and assorted pieces out, I told him it was his to set up, however he wanted to do it. He said he would and eventually, between the holiday concerts ( he plays drums) and his other school projects which must come first, he finally arranged the city.

(He had some free time since he was grounded from using his computer games for a while, but that is a different parenting issue, right?)

Here’s the video. Take a look and see what you think!

It's A Kid Friendly Christmas Village This Year!

I think he did such a good job. He had very strong ideas of what he wanted and where he wanted it. My houses and shops are ceramic but nothing was broken at all (so far), and he had a lot a fun. He is so much at the ‘Tween years where he seems such a kid part of the day, then grown up with his earphones stuck in his ears all the rest of the time. Life is like that. I remember how quickly the years went with his Uncle, my son.

The kid for this kid friendly Christmas village

Cherish the moments because they are gone all too soon. My son is a grown man with his own home and responsibilities, just like my daughter is. And the times when they are still “little” and play like this are just a memory for you as you bring out each village piece year after year.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!


  1. Laura Malsbury says:

    words of wisdom and a great post. Merry Christmas!

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