image of jade plant with pruners in lady's hand

Jade Plant Pruning – Major Surgery Again – What A Fast Grower!

 Much to my surprise, my Jade Plant that I have written about several times in the past is desperately in need of another Jade Plant Pruning. I discovered this when I came upon a limb growing out from the side of the plant. I had been noticing how large and heavy it seemed to be, but it was beginning to split the limb since it was so heavy.

Very quickly I could see that I would need to make another jade plant pruning video. My daughter was off work for a few days and here to assist and help make decisions. She is more of a decision maker than I am. I waffle back and forth and she is “Cut it off!” Decision made. No matter what, it will grow back.

image of sagging branches on Jade Plant

Let me explain about the approximate size of the Jade Plant. It is inside a pot that is 21 inches tall and 15 inches diameter at the top.  The Jade Plant has been pruned previously and grows very fast it seems. As you see, it is in dire need of more pruning care since an actual break could damage a branch allowing disease inside.

Not to mention totally ruin the trunk that I am attempting to grow larger.

image of closeup of lower trunk of large jade plant in need of pruning

Basically, we just took off all of the heavy branches that were growing laterally on the sides of the main trunk. As they grew larger and larger, too much stress on those side branches was dragging them down. When I actually saw a split happening, I knew I had to take drastic action.

Jade Plant Surgery -Jade Plant Pruning Again? But it's too top heavy!

Just so you know, I am no expert on trimming branches on a Jade Plant. I just know that each time I do trim them, new ones immediately start popping out from the little junctions. If by chance there is already a tiny sprout there, I can tell which direction the growth is going to occur and decide if I want that to succeed or not. For instance, if it is growing into the interior of the branch structure, he is GONE!

image of jade plant branch showing where to slice

My Jade Plant is overall very healthy and is growing well, but it is the Jade Plant or Crassula ovata with the very large leaves or pads and those do get very heavy.

Perhaps quick growth doesn’t let the branch get strong enough to hold those large leaves? I am not sure, so it seems a yearly pruning has been the order these days.

image of lady pushing large jade plant on rolling cart

When we were all finished and the poor Jade Plant looked like a plucked chicken, we rolled her into the other room. I decided that she might do better in more light so we took her into the family room with the “window seat” that I usually line up with a lot of plants. Brighter sunlight may make her branches stronger? Worth a try for the summer.

image of large jade plant in a tall planter

Please watch the video and see this process from start to finish. I am hoping for a strong branching system and a thick trunk. If I have to prune each year, this is what I will do. Let me know what you think.

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