Jade Plant Care and Pruning

Jade Plant Care & Pruning – Cut It or Not? – I Chopped It!

I am in need of some serious jade plant care. And by care, I mean pruning, shaping, and altering all those branches that have grown so big they are threatening to split and fall. Certainly that is not what would be good for the Jade Plant. Putting this off because I am afraid to do it has just compounded the problem. It is bigger, more etoliated (stretched out), less healthy. This poor Crassula needs some serious help. I have to do it.

My daughter has had this Crassula ovata for many years. I even carefully brought it to the new house. I have searched for a photo of it from long ago, but I have many thousands of photos in my collections, I wasn’t able to find one. ( My filing skills are a work in progress.) But we originally planted it in a much smaller dish, but after it has aged, we have put the Jade Tree in a larger pot and use a wheeled base so that we can rotate it for sunlight. The larger size pot is so that we won’t ever need to transplant!

Pruning My Jade Plant - Important for great jade plant care

Using a couple of pairs of [easyazon_link identifier=”B07RPFML4S” locale=”US” tag=”thehypegard0d-20″]pruning scissors [/easyazon_link] (#affiliate link), I plan to give the Jade Plant a thorough clean-up. I wouldn’t call the plant neglected, but I am always hesitant to prune a plant when a mistake can affect it for years and years. I mean if I cut a stem off a Golden pothos, in a week or two I will have new branches and vine to cover any mistakes. This Jade Plant could probably takes years to “fix” my mistakes. But I will do my best.

I Chopped It Up - Jade Plant Care and Pruning

Pruning is supposed to help develop thicker and stronger trunk and branches so that the weight of the large succulent leaves are well supported by the plant as it grows larger. Pruning also encourages more root growth which will in turn help support the plant in its container. We know that a succulent plant like the Jade holds a lot of water in its leaves, so they are naturally heavier than other leaves and need good strong support. ( And I really want to have a trunk and branches that are huge!)

Jade Plant Care by Pruning

First of all, I disinfected my scissors with a mild solution of chlorine bleach, such as one part bleach to nine parts water. We don’t want any cuts to be infected. This is a good practice when pruning all plants inside and out. You can use those [easyazon_link identifier=”B00658TRJQ” locale=”US” tag=”thehypegard0d-20″]Bleach Wipes [/easyazon_link] (#affiliate link) too. Those are great to carry with you in your garden supplies. Or just disinfect a pair of bypass pruners in a solution.

This needs pruning so badly. Sagging branches

Take an overall look at your plant and decide where you want to trim. My Jade Plant is overgrown and has large drooping branches that are even touching the container. I definitely want those removed. If any branches are growing downward at an angle from the main trunk, plan on removing those too.

Remember that you only want to trim off less than one-third of the whole plant. If it seems to need more than that, do it in two stages, such as spring and then again in late summer. You need to give it time to recover and also get an idea where new growth is occurring.

Jade Plant Care - Give it enough light for leaves to stay close together
Eliminate branches that are crowding out other branches or growing in a overlapping pattern. You’ll want to open the Jade Plant to more sunlight to get the best growth. If your plant is getting a great deal of sunlight, it sometimes develops reddish rims around the edge of the leaf. Right now, ours doesn’t have that but I am planning to add some supplemental sunlight so I can see that again.
What to Do With the Pruned Pieces?
All those branches that you’ve cut off can make new Jade Plants! Just like all succulent plants, a cut will dry out or callous ( just like a scab on your knee). Both the cut on the branches or stems will need to callous, those branches that come off will need to lie there and callous over too. Well, not there, but gather those onto a shallow dish and lay them aside for several days or a week.
So many new jade plants
These cuttings can be planted in a container and will become new Jade Plant pretty quickly. Even a small intact leaf can be laid upon gravel/soil mix and it will sprout roots and make a new plant.  If you should plant a branch, select a nice tree-shaped cutting and put it into a container, press the soil around it to get it steady, then set aside. Water it after about two weeks and voila! A new Jade Plant. It’s just that easy!

Well, I have done it now and I will need to give you all an update in a few months to let you know how the Jade Plant is doing. Come back for those updates. Did you even wonder how old your Jade Plant is? Some sources say the trunk diameter will give you the age, such as 10 years is approximately a half inch or 1.2 cm. Not sure if I believe that. My plant’s trunk diameter is almost 2.5 inches which would make it fifty years old? 

Jade Plant peeling bark and large trunk

I could believe 20 years, maybe 25, but I don’t think 50.  What do you think?



  1. I know what you can do with all those trimmings. I will take them off of your hands..LOL. You did a great job at trimming.

    1. I did save sum and now have a pretty decent sized plant. Nowhere near the Mom, but decent.

  2. Janet Roberts says:

    I have a big Jade plant . The Neighbor’s cat turned it over I had to do some serious pruning back to keep it from falling over. I just put some fresh dirt and water it good . I think Jade love the hair cut.

    1. Great save. I hope the cat doesn’t get it again…at least for a few years.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t believe the quoted Stem size equation?..I have one for 30+years and one stalk is four inches thick.

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