Try Peppermint Toffee Pretzels

It’s All About Those Peppermint Pretzel Rods!

I really love those peppermint pretzel rods.

Dipped in chocolate and then rolled in crumbled peppermint! Those are so good! and so easy to make. If you have never tried these, and I hadn’t until a few years ago, go get some pretzel rods, melting chocolate chips, and crushed peppermint now!

We have experimented with the peppermint pieces to roll them in and also the Heath toffee pieces for those who like toffee. But anything you can imagine can be used. It is a combination of the sweetness of candy and the saltiness on the pretzel that gives you the perfect taste.

It's All About Those Pretzel Rods! - the-hypertufa-gardener

We will make these this year for our gift baggies for neighbors and friends, and to take to work to share, and some to munch for each of our homes.  ( See more Easy Recipes here.)

When making up these little gift platters of sweets, you can really use anything. We coated potato chips too this year. Just use the same dipping chocolate that you used for the pretzels. We “painted” the chocolate on with a basting brush or spatula (either works just fine). And we make a light coating because I think too much of the chocolate makes it overwhelm the pretzel.


Basically, just use some chocolate melting wafers. Easy to put into a bowl and microwave for 20 seconds, stirring a few times, then again for 20 seconds until you get a thin chocolate sauce. It may thicken as it cools but then just “nuke” it a few more seconds and stir.


Pour out the crushed peppermint candies (or get a bag of the ready-made peppermints already crushed) onto a plate wide enough to fit  the length of your pretzels rods. Then just paint on the chocolate, roll in the peppermint, and place on wax paper to dry. They will be ready to pack in just a few minutes.

We coated pretzels and chips and it only took about 30 minutes to do both whole bags. The melted chocolate goes a long way…you will be surprised. We also used white chocolate too! It think it looks really nice with the toffee.


These pretzel rods are nice as a carry-around snack. Coat them lightly with the crushed candy. You don’t want the candy to fall off on to the floor, right?

We’ve used the long rods here. But you can break them into smaller pieces for little hands and to make them into a smaller portion for those who don’t want the whole rod.

Yeah, we will make our diet resolutions for January!

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