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If You Hadn’t Already Thought of This…

A couple of short videos

Here are some short videos including some helpful ideas for you when you make your own garden planters from hypertufa. Maybe you have been thinking about making some hypertufa planters yourself?  It is easier than you think, and I thought I could show you a couple of videos with helpful tips.

image of small hypertufa planters made with yogurt cups.

Check these out and see if you don’t think making your own garden planters is something you want to try for yourself. Get started on your own hypertufa collection!

This first video is probably something you do already, but it bears repeating. I have made as many as three bowls at one time by stacking them  inside each other. The key is that you have an ample amount of room in the area between the bowls so that you will have a thick and sturdy sidewall.

Any garden planter needs to be sturdy and strong, so those sides and bottom should be made thick. This hypertufa pot will insulate your roots from extreme change in temperature and also make it stronger and it will last for many years into the future.

Check this out:

The Hypertufa Gardener Tips_ Nesting your Bowls

What If You Have Leftover Mix?

Do you ever make up a batch of hypetufa mix and have just a small amount of the wet mixture left over?  I usually have this problem because I would rather have too much than to run out of the mixture and not be able to complete it until I mix another batch. Not a good situation.

Keep some small mold forms handy such as a few yogurt cups or margarine tubs and you can make a small planter or even a small ball  to decorate the surface of this or another garden planter. I usually have a few yogurt cups or margarine tubs which are just the right size to become “pot feet.”  You can pack these solid if you like and it forms a great foot for your planter. I love it when a pot is raised up on four small columns.

After you have become more familiar with the process, you can judge the amount left over and know just about what size of container you can fill.

Meanwhile check this out:

The Hypertufa Gardener Tips_Using Up Leftover Mix

And here are the finished small hypertufa pots. Tiny planters!  Happiness is a bunch of hypertufa planters waiting to be planted!

I always have some hens and chicks or sempervivums popping up everywhere in my troughs. They can be potted up quickly and given as a gift. You never know! You might start someone on a lifetime hobby.

Let me know if you have any tips for me. If we can share what we have discovered, it may help someone starting on this wonderful hobby. Or maybe you sell them?

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  1. Karen Schneider says:

    would it be possible to have the recipe on the materials used so i can get started please.

    Karen schneider
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