sempervivum in springtime upclose

Springtime In Hypertufa Pots – How Did The Plants Do?

Here is Ohio, we are well into spring and I am so happy to see that all of my Hypertufa pots and plants in them are doing well. Springtime in Hypertufa pots is so colorful, some more than others, but it is so interesting to note the new plants either returning or changing colors.

Some of my various sedum are evergreen (they are alive all year and just change color) and some of them are herbaceous ( they die back and come up new each year).

Sedum immergrunchen
Springtime in Hypertufa Pots – Sedum Immergrunchen

Both the Sedum Immergrunchen and the Sempervivum are evergreen all year long. So many beautiful colors are displayed all year based on the sunlight, the temperature of the air, and they type and age of each variety. But the colors are always so pretty to see in springtime.

And the succulent plants in hypertufa do multiply a lot, so there are always more and more to plant in new pots…and share with friends.

Hens and chicks or sempervivum deep purple
Deep purple sempervivum in Springtime Hypertufa Pots

Some of my succulents are herbaceous such as this colorful Sedum Sunsparkler “Wildfire” that I first planted last year. She has survived the winter, dying back as you see her little branches in the lower part of the image.

But this spring, she is popping back up and looking great! She will spread and fill out the whole pot in no time, I am sure.

New sprouts of Sedum Wildfire

Another Sunsparkler that I have is the “Blue Elf.” She was so pretty last year and did bloom in a brilliant red color. She is herbaceous and dies down in the pot. You can see her wilted, frozen branches lying around her.

But the new springtime growth is peeping through in lovely colors of blue and pink and peach. I am sure she will fill out the pot in no time.

new sprouts of Sedum blue elf

Of course, since it is springtime, I have my Sea Thrift blooming in its hypertufa pot. I planted that last year and it has been a great plant for hypertufa. Blooming in the spring, those tiny stems of the flower looked like little lollipops at first.

But now that it is in full bloom, it presents a little nosegay of soft pink flowers that stand upright over that cushion of green. I really love how this looks and I want more!

blooming Sea Thrift
You may have seen this in the Facebook Group

Here is a closeup of the cushion underneath the blooms. I love how sturdy this little plant is and I will be watching for more this year. Perhaps some seeds of the Armeria maritima!

cushion of blooming Sea Thrift
Love this little cushion it blooms from!

More Springtime Blooming Perennials in Hypertufa Pots

I have two hypertufa pots that have the same type of plant in them and they are returning also this spring. Those are the Campanula carpatica “Pearl Deep Blue” and they were so pretty last year. And they’re coming back up!

These bloomed all year last year and I have them in two different hypertufa pots. I sealed these hypertufa pots since this plant likes a little more moisture and that has worked well. See how pretty she is as she wakes up from her winter nap!

sprouting Campanula carpatica

Here is how she looked last year, all summer long. She reblooms when you keep her dead-headed or just shear her occasionally and that works too. I love those colors.

blooming campanula carpatica

I have a few more hypertufa pots (that’s an understatement) and I need to show you my Elfin Thyme which is struggling but I am hoping she will continue to grow. I once had a huge lovely pot of this but it died back one year and I have had a problem getting it to re-establish.

But if you see this plant, you would want it for hypertufa. It blooms too! But it is so cute for a fairy garden and it is really a strong and sturdy plant even though it is so delicate looking.

elfin thyme with sempervivium
closeup of elfin thyme in hypertufa pot

Honorable Mention for Springtime – But Not in Hypertufa

Planted in the ground from just some dropped pieces of sedum as I plant my other pots and containers, I have some Sedum “Coral Carpet” that is just blanketing the area under the hummingbird feeder.

That is the pole stuck in the ground that you see in the image. This “Coral Carpet” will flower soon in small white flowers arching about the foliage. I am sure the hummers will love that too. (And it makes a good weed surpresser too!)

bed of Sedum Coral Carpet

Thanks for visiting and I hope you are enjoying your plants in hypertufa this spring. Here’s hoping that no more sudden snowstorms or hard freezes hit, because I am taking lot of my indoor plants outside this week.

Pray for me…and those plants.

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