Hypertufa pot in a hypertufa pot arrangement

Hypertufa Pot in a Hypertufa Pot – My Version of Pot In A Pot

Everyone is doing a pot in a pot arrangement so I need to, of course, make one for myself. But I need a hypertufa pot in a hypertufa pot, right?  It just seems right for me. Since most of my succulents and hypertufa pots stay outside for the winter, I have planned my plants and pot for outdoor use.  Now I would like to do one for indoor houseplants, my tender succulents.

I recently made some large bowls, so I am using one of those. This one is about 16 inches across and about 5 inches deep. The tiny one is one that I had already from many batches ago. In fact, it has gone through several plants, so it may look a little more weathered than the other pot. But I think they are a nice match. The little one is 3 inches across and 3.5 inches tall.

Hypertufa Pot planted inside Hypertufa Pot

Since there are so many trees and bushes in my rear yard area, I have explored and cut a few “tree trunks” to use in this arrangement. I think this is looking really good. I am planning it as an outdoor container, but I may add a few tender plants just to round it out some. I can always add them back each year, right?

Using the Sedum immergrunchen as my “leaves” seems the logical choice.  The cuttings are so cute and seem like the perfect choice. Once they’ve grown, I may have to make some changes in the arrangement but this should do for now.

I have chosen Sedum angelina to be a “grassy” bottom in the area under the pot. It will change color as the season gets colder and should make for a really colorful view.

I Made It! Hypertufa Pot in a Hypertufa Pot Arrangement

Dragon’s Blood Sedum and a bit of Sedum Tricolor add to the colors of my pretend tree and sort of give it an autumn look as if the leaves are changing colors.

I found a few pieces of Angelina that are yellowing up a bit more for an additional accent. These links are Amazon links and if you make a purchase, I can make a commission. Thanks for supporting my website for any of your Amazon purchases.

Have you made one of these yet? It is so fun and I plan to make some more.

Even though the plants grow fairly slowly, I am sure the arrangement will eventually grow out of shape. I will prune it from time to time, but if it lasts til spring holding this form, it will grow and seem like a whole forest in there, and I’ll have to add more branches.

Looks like autumn leaves in my Pretend tree

What do you think? I have seen photos of a lot of the pot in a pot arrangement and I am pretty sure I have seen some that appear to be wonderful works of art. But I had fun looking for a piece of limb to trim off that would work at a flattened-out branch for the large saucer hypertufa. Maybe I will try something a little more risky next time.

So what is your bet on how long this will look like a Tree?


  1. Susan R Renaud says:

    What do you mean when you say you are leaching the hypertufa pot? I love the way your arrangement turned out. You have a great imagination. I don’t even have to think about what to do or how to do something, I just come to your website. Thank you.

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