A new hypertufa planter with foxtail fern

Tall & Ridged Hypertufa Planter For My Collection – With Foxtail Fern!

How about let’s make a hypertufa planter with really great texture on the sides, ridges in this case, and have a taller vase-shaped planter than what I usually make. I think this will work for any cascading plant or vine. In my case, I may put a pothos vine in it or some similar house plant. But wouldn’t Sedum angelina look great in this one for outside too?

(I guess those suggestions will have to wait for the next hypertufa pot made from that mold. I decided on Foxtail Fern!)

I have had this hypertufa mold for a while but I have not used it yet for a mold. Possibly it just got pushed to the back for whatever reason. But I was anxious to see how the ridges look in this case. Here is a photo of the mold. Maybe it is a trash can? Not sure, but I think I got it in the free box at a garage sale. Wouldn’t you have taken it?

Houseplants in hypertufa - Foxtail Fern in a new hypertufa planter

This is 12 inches high and 9 inches wide on the sides. As I have recommended for molds, it is a wider opening at the top so it should slide easily out of the mold when it has cured. I could have used some really flimsy plastic to line the mold so that it will come out easily, but still show the ridges well. I am sure that “oiling” the mold would work well, but I want to keep it clean for repeated use. ( I am so neglectful at cleaning the mold when I am finished using it.) As it turned out, I just oiled it well and it came out beautifully!

I drilled my drainage holes when it cured and removed from the mold, but you may decide to place a hole as you make it. Poke your finger or a piece of tubing etc through the hypertufa mix and let it dry there. After the cure is completed, it can be twisted out. For me, I just take the 15 seconds it takes to drill a hole when it is done.

Hypertufa planter under grow lights

This taller planter will look really great with a bushy but cascading type plant. I had to look through the ones I have and if nothing seems to work, oh shucks, I was just forced to go shopping. I have been wanting an Asparagus fern (Asparagus densiflorus ‘Sprengeri’), but after seeing those Foxtail type ferns in Florida, Asparagus Meyeri ,I think I would really like one or more of those.

Check out my video.

This turned into an awesome container with my hypertufa mix. I used a bit of charcoal liquid coloring agent and so it turned out with some smokey dark gray streaks. Don’t you just love the ridges? I knew that mold would make an awesome project. I made this long before vacation and it aged/cured for quite a while. So with my “speedy leaching” technique, it was ready to plant and show off. Just needed that Foxtail!

A garden center here in Dayton had the foxtail, and I will let this Foxtail hypertufa pot get a great start on the screened porch and then take it inside for the winter. I have so much more plants this year than last. How will the gnat problem be this year? I guess I need to order more of those [easyazon_link identifier=”B0001AUF8G” locale=”US” tag=”thehypegard0d-20″]Mosquito Bits[/easyazon_link]. It shall be an all out war!

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