image of tiny hypertufa pot with echeveria

Tiny Succulent Plants Call For Hypertufa Mini-Pots

Of course, with all this indoor gardening, we have to get our hypertufa into the picture, right? I have some great ideas for some new planters but we will be getting to that as the spring and summer progress. But meanwhile, my hypertufa mini-pots are about to get a new lease on life.

These were made many years ago and have been planted off and on as I needed them for smaller plants. But usually within a year, the plant would need to graduate to a new and bigger planter or be needed to fill in one of my large hypertufa pots.

But now that I am creating so much more inside to garden, I want to introduce these hypertufa to the indoor plants. I think they will be a perfect match.

image of succulent in tiny pot about the size of a cupcake

Some of the small ones I have are ones made years ago. I am making some more  and I will shortly show those too. But meanwhile let me assure you that these hypertufa mini-pots have been well leached. They have been outdoors for years and years, in every rainfall and snowfall.

Therefore I don’t have any worry about putting a new plant into them and it suffering from any alkalinity problems.

All of my tiny hypertufa mini pots have holes drilled into them and in some cases, I don’t feel it is really needed since they are so porous. But to err on the side of good drainage, I will continue to drill those holes.

Hypertufa Mini Pots For House Plants & Small Succulents

Planting  Hypertufa Mini-Pots

My small hypertufa mini-pots will be for individual rosettes or small succulent babies perhaps in a cluster. I have the big tray to sprout new babies from leaves and cuttings, but I need another small pot for transplanting them on their own. Basically a “crib” bed of their own so that I can see how they do.

These mini-pots seem to be what I need. I have some other hypertufa pots that are a little larger and I may use those as the next step larger as they grow.

I am using a top dressing of tiny stones just labeled as “decorative stones.” Perhaps these are bags of stones that got into my stash but originally belonged to my husband’s stash for his railroad? Uh-oh. But I really like them! A great color and a great size for these small pots.

image of succulent in tiny hypertufa pot

Another of my hypertufa mini-pots is from a yogurt cup and I think it will work for some sprouts of the Jet Beads which I recently wrote about. Those things are growing really quickly.

Most of the “mother” leaves have dried up, so I am planting the whole group in another of the hypertufa mini-pots. This one is a bit smaller than the previous one but I think will work fine until these babies grow some more.

I will be making some more hypertufa mini pots to match my “smaller” needs. Making a video of that should be fun and I hope to make a whole lot of them in one video. Hopefully since I have made hypertufa in so many of the videos, you won’t find it too repetitive. Sometimes I wonder if I should keep showing that again and again. How do you feel about that?

image of Tiny sprouts from the nursery bed planted in hypertufa mini-pot

I really like how these have turned out and now I am worrying about a new obsession of making hypertufa for indoor plants.  Having a pot to special dimensions or colors seems perfect to me. So I will continue on and show you some more of my creations. I really want to experiment with colors, textures and shapes. So stay tuned and see what I can come up with , OK?

Come on. Pin some of these, OK?

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