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How To Water Houseplants Easily – And Methods for Other Containers Too!

I have found a wonderful time-saving device to use for watering your plants. This would work for indoor plants or for outdoor plants depending on the size of your garden. For me, I have quite a few container plants that I water by hand meaning filling a pitcher and taking it to the individual plants, checking its needs, and watering as necessary. But this involves a bit of back and forth action to refill the pitcher a lot.  Included are some links to these products so that you can see what I am speaking about. If you should make a purchase, I could make a small commission.

What do you use to water houseplants

Now the rest of my larger containers and other parts of the garden are watered with the garden hose and that works especially nice for me. My preference is for an expanding hose. With these hoses, you either love them or hate them. I am in love with them because they are so easy to handle and not heavy, take up so little space, and can fit nicely into a storage container when not in use.

How to water houseplants outside on the deck for summer

I am not a fan of those large hose winder things that are just an eyesore to me. Remembering how I used to struggle to wind the hose back up after using it makes me sure that I will stick with my little expandable hose for sure.

Now I know some people hate those type of hoses, but I love them. So easy to maneuver, so lightweight, simple to store and carry to another spigot. I know they won’t last long, but if I get one season from them, I consider it worth it. Nerve pills are expensive too!

My Most Favorite Watering Method

I have one of those Pump Pressure Sprayers that I am using to water my plants. Purchased one and of course, the next week found one at a garage sale for a dollar. But it worked out just right since I can have one upstairs and one downstairs. (The one I got at the garage sale had never been used. If you get a pre-owned one, be sure it has not had a grass killer or other chemical used in it if you want to safely use it for just watering/fertilizing. You would probably be able to detect an odor if it has been used that way.)

How To Water HousePlants - And A Great Way to Get Water!

I just fill this with water and then put in my droplets of fertilizer feed that we talked about in this post, and then it sits waiting for me to grab whenever I need it. This method saves me from walking back and forth to get more water. And I find it relaxing to spray that gentle spray on the plant’s soil line and mist it if needed. The ferns love it.

Watering from my Dehumidifier

Lately, I have started using the water collecting from the use of the dehumidifier in the basement. It runs all the time and collects at least a gallon a day and I use it to water my plants. Old used milk/tea/juice containers can hold the water until it is needed, so I have sort of a revolving set of gallon jugs for that. Some days I just set the drainage container from the dehumidifier out on the deck next to my tomato and let it warm to outdoor temps. Sometimes just out of the unit, it seems so cold and I sure don’t want to shock the tomato roots!

How to water houseplants - use the water from the dehumidifier

Be sure to keep the dehumidifier clean as you would normally. There should not be mold inside the container, so if you do find that, be sure and have everything checked out that you don’t have mold in your basement. Rinse your container with a rinse of diluted bleach about once a week and rinse thoroughly.

Though the use is debatable, I feel that I am using the water responsibly though your opinion my differ. Check it out for yourself and use your own judgment. Don’t use it on edible vegetables if you don’t want to, but what harm could it do to houseplants?


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