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How to Swing- Jacob’s Tutorial

Jacob has a tutorial on how to swing. 

It is complicated for little kids to learn how to do this and not depend of their parents or older friends to “Push me!”

He has mastered it and would like to spread the word.  He has a caution toward the end of what to do if you “Get scared.”

How to Swing by Jacob | The Hypertufa Gardener

Here is his tutorial.

Jacob made this video when he was a little kid. I think he was 5 years old…or maybe 6. He has learned so much more now and can swing far into the sky.

Jacob is my grandson, my only grandchild, and he is so dear to me and Papaw. We have had him spend the night at our house every Friday night since he was about eight months old, except for a few breaks here and there. Jenny, my daughter, and her husband both work full time and we like to feel that we can give them the gift of some free time too. 

Since he spends the night every Friday, they have a chance to plan on an evening together, or if work conflicts, then Jenny just gets an evening to do as she pleases.

I love that Jacob is still anxious to spend the night here. He has friends on the street here, so there is always someone to play with outside. I love getting to participate so much in his activities and enjoyment. He follows Papaw and does everything Papaw does. They are a pair to see!


We don’t spoil him at all. Not a bit! Well, maybe just a little bit.

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