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Eating Low Sodium? How To Make Ham Less Salty Tasting

Around my neck of the woods, we love ham for special dinners and just a casual sandwich anytime. Personally, I never really liked ham that was salty but preferred some kind of reduced sodium. But good luck with ever finding that!

We don’t like to eat too much sodium at our age, so I try to fix ham in a way that reduces that sodium taste. I don’t have any proof that the actual sodium is reduced, just my taste buds.

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But this is how to make ham less salty tasting. Works for me! Have you seen how much sodium is in ham and turkey these days?

My family has prepared ham like this for many years, so I don’t remember who told us this method or it just developed from tenderizing meats in soda, in this case 7 Up.

Soak That Ham In 7 Up or Sprite!

Since we don’t use regular soda, always the diet version, I soak the whole ham in a deep dish or pan filled to cover the top of the ham. I have a tall soup kettle with a lid that works perfectly.

A few hours in the fridge or overnight

I plan to soak the ham or portion of ham overnight on the night before it is to be served. Soaking it whole or already sliced doesn’t seem to make any difference in the removal of the sodium taste.

If you like it sliced, if you do a good job, you can keep the pieces all uniformly together and still get a good presentation even if you doctor it up with special sauces etc.

The next morning you’ll need to drain off the soda and rinse the ham in water. I usually leave it lying in the colander or on paper towels to let all the excess moisture drain away.

Draining in a colander after the soak
Draining in a colander after soak to remove excess liquid

Then you can dress it up however you do your ham. I warm it in the oven or on low in a crock pot depending on how I am serving. The ham is always eaten away down to the last slice. Yum! And my husband’s feet aren’t swollen the next day!

Does It Change The Look Of The Ham?

In my opinion, I think the result does not change the color of the flesh of the ham itself. It looks just as pink and luscious as ever. And turkey is nice and white and smells delicious.

I think even carbonated water could lower the sodium in ham or turkey too. There is something about the bubbles rising when you first pour the liquid over the meat that makes me feel like “sodium exiting.” OK, the bubbles have nothing to do with it, I know.

Ham Too Salty? Fix It Fast! Simple and Easy. Low Sodium Tasting Ham.

You can always use plain water as a soak or even boil the ham for approximately 20 minutes per pound, but I like the easy method best.

My daughter did her last ham in Cherry 7 Up and it gave a nice hint of flavor to the meat. This may mix well with a pineapple and/or clove sauce you like!

Now it is less salty tasting

Getting To Have Holiday Ham Again!

I love being able to serve my husband ham since he likes it so much. For a while after his heart surgery, I hesitated to serve it to him at all. But after I tested it, for salt taste and to see if his ankles became swollen, he is fine with this version of the ham.

My version of the Lower Sodium Mississippi Pot Roast is also one of our favorites for a long time. Try that if you like. But this is a simple way to make lower sodium-tasting ham and turkey when you may need to consume lower sodium options.

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